Friday, 25 November 2011

Moose business

Well I am feeling like I am slowly getting on top of things here
I have (literally) just finished a stack of bunting orders
Ahhhhh big sigh

I thought I'd share these with you
A wonderful friend of mine ordered these
for two little brothers
she wanted them similar but different
I will be dropping them off of sunday
I hope she likes them

I now need to concentrate on making a nestful of little Peckers
and for all the lovely people who have been enquiring about them 
I am sorry for the little delay
but they WILL be in my shop by the end of next week

By a strange coincidence today
I had an email from the lovely Viv from PoppySparkles
to say that she had featured my 'Merry Christmoose' bunting 
on her wonderful blog

What a beautiful collection
don't you think??
I feel very honoured to be there
You can find that festive moose here in my shop

Thank you Viv

I am looking forward to tonight
It is the much anticipated 
craft guild night
It is at my house tonight
so I'm off to rustle up some cupcakes
(well what is craft without cake??)
see you later ladies

have a fabulous weekend everyone
more soon
j x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sew sweet Violet....SEW!

Oh my goodness
it's been 'all go' around here!

My Etsy shop has got nice and busy 
and I am so happy about it :o)

photo number one

I have been at my sewing table ALOT
from early in the morning 
until late into the evening

*Can you spot the difference?

photo number two

My little Peckers are all sold out 
and I have been busy making several advent buntings

I just LVE it
with each and every sale I get so excited
It's wierd, I make things and obviously I like them 
otherwise I wouldn't make them
but you never really know if anyone else will... you know what I mean?
So when people swap their hard earned money
for something that I've made it really warms my heart
I am truly grateful for that

I am hoping to make another nest-full of little baby robins
and have them in my shop in the next couple of weeks
so to all of you who have been inquiring ~
keep your eyes peeled for little peckers soon!

Other news ~

❤  The lovely Karen over at a quiet corner 
has passed on the versatile blogger award to me
How nice is that?
I really need to contain my excitement
thank you Karen
I shall have to put my thinking cap on and come up with something to tell you

 My lovely G has started driving
he has had three lessons so far
I kept 'forgetting' to book them as I just couldn't bare the thought 
not of him driving, but of him growing up
I have had enough of BIG changes this year
anyway I took a deep breath and 'got over it'
He loves driving and according to his instructor is very good at it
unlike his mum!

Our sweet B is coming home for the weekend ~ YAY!
So I am working extra hard with all of my orders
so that we can have a lovely family weekend
We are hoping to go to a Christmas craft fair here
and make some Christmas cards
 I miss spending time with her so much

I seem to have been a little out of my 'blogging zone' lately
sometimes it is just hard to fit everything in
so I am sorry if I've not popped by to say 'Hi' lately
and forgive me if I am not here quite so often 
just for a while

well thats about it for now
have a fabulous week

more soon
j x

* photo 1 ~ daytime drinkies
   photo 2 ~ evening drinkies

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Today is the day ....

...Oh yes indeedy
It's giveaway results day
Whooo hooooo!
It is the day that Miss Pinkerton Pecker 
and Miss Polly Pecker
find out where their lovely new home will be

and WOW what a response
your comments just kept coming and coming
(and coming and coming and coming)
I was so excited
every day more and more
thank you thank you thank you
you are all amazing
you really are

Helloooooo to all of my new followers too
It is lovely to have you here

Right shall we get on with the biz?
YES?.... ok then

 (I have used the random number generator gizmo but i can't for the life of me get on on my post)

 The winner of Miss Pinkerton Pecker is.........

Kathryn Ashcroft

"Have just found you via the lovely Pixie Rose Dresses!
What gorgeous work... I am a little bit smitten with Miss Pinkerton! xx"

and the winner of Miss Polly Pecker is........


"Hello you, I'm so glad I didn’t miss this! I love both of them,
I'm going to keep everything crossed.
Lou xxx"

Congratulations to you both
I will be in contact
I hope the little ladies are well behaved for you
I know that they are jolly excited to meet you both

have a marvelous weekend
and thanks again 

more soon 
j x

Friday, 4 November 2011

❤ Giveaway day ❤

Hello Hello Hello
and welcome 
Oooooh I am so excited today
It's giveaway day

Whoooop de whoop!!!

Before I go on, I have to say that
you guys have made blogging such a joy 
just to know that people want to read what I write
is astounding to me
I have 'met' some wonderful new friends
It has been a joy...really

 So, to thank you all for stopping by occasionally,
reading my jibber jabber and leaving lovely lovely comments
here is a little festive giveaway

 There are two little robin babies waiting for cosy new homes this Christmas

Miss Pinkerton Pecker 
with her tilda tummy and snug pea green moss stitch scarf

 Miss Polly Pecker 
with her Liberty of London tummy and snug raspberry moss stitch scarf

If you'd like to be in with a chance
here's what to do...

  For one chance to win just leave a comment telling me who you 
would like to be flying to your home
Miss Pinkerton or Miss Polly

For a second chance to win become be 'follower' of my blog
and leave me second comment on this post 
telling me that you are

If you kindly mention my giveaway on your blog this will give you a third chance to win
again, please leave me a separate comment on this post

(a maximum of three comments per person please)

The giveaway will be open for one week
I will draw the winner on Friday 11th November

First two names out of the hat (so to speak!)
will win one of Percy Peckers little babies
I will post anywhere in the world

 Good luck to everyone 

 Have a lovely weekend

more soon
j x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

They're here.... last!
Please allow me to introduce to you
The Robin Babies

Percy Pecker's little babies to be precise

They have all turned into little characters
now that they have been made hatched

I have started to list them in my Esty shop
these sweet little babies are in need of loving homes for Christmas
and they especially like decorating Christmas trees
according to Percy

I had a little trouble with the editing of these photos
with several 'computer says no' moments
some of the names are unreadable
(sorry bout that)

luckily my shop photo's are readable
I think I was trying to run before I could walk with Picnik
very frustrating BUT I shall get there

Anyway thats it from me today
but pop back on Friday for a little birdie giveaway
(hip hip hooray)

Happy Wednesday

more soon
j x