Friday, 29 July 2011

❤ Friday flowers & a whisper of a give-away

Here are a few pretties from my garden this Friday

Hope they make you smile

They certainly make me smile

and now for my very exciting announcement.......

next week I and am having my very first give-away
I am so excited about it
(really really excited!)
I have been lying in bed at night with my mind getting dizzy with decisions
and with a little help from my treasured best friend
(thank you Angi x)
I have decided what I shall be giving away
I think you'll like it
So pop in next week
and be sure to become a follower so that you can enter

Have a wonderful weekend

more soon
j x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blankie :: Ta dah!

Hello Hello Hello
Well here it is last
...Please let me introduce you to my...

Medium sanity saving snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket

I am so so so pleased and a teeny bit proud of myself
this is my first crochet project
I had times when it seemed like I would be crocheting its stripes for eternity
but I persevered through the doldrums
 and came out the other side with deep happiness.
I always envied people who could crochet 
and now I am one

What do you think???
Here it is in it's rightful place

I had trouble getting up this morning
It is just far too cozy 

and it looks so pretty with my new pillow cases

 The edge is a little on the crinkly side
I followed Lucy's instructions from Attic 24
which are fantastic
although in my eagerness I didn't read the note about 
crocheting through the back loops only 
until I was on the third round
Oooops...that could be why 

I made it using stylecraft special DK
which was great to work with and fantastic value
Now that I have faith in my new crocheting self 
I have splashed out on super luscious yarn for my next crochet adventure 
more on that soon
(I am soooooo excited that I'm finding hard to keep it to myself)

I have been having a tinker with my blog today
you did notice, didn't you?
Well, I say tinker, when actually I just tried to change one little setting and it all went a little

!! crazy !!
  I then spent the next couple of hours
trying to get it back to how it was in the beginning 
but then got a little carried away
thank goodness my lovely G stepped in to stop me using my WHOLE day up! 
he is a whiz
 so calm and kind
"ah, that's alright mum, don't worry, I'll sort it out"
and he does
love that sweet boy of mine
(he got me this little heart too, must be careful not to over use!)

Anyway I had best go and make myself feel like I have achieved something useful today 
but my brain is now mush 
Oh well, I WILL be more focused tomorrow


Hope you are having a lovely week
more soon 

J x


Friday, 22 July 2011

❤ Friday flowers

A few pretties picked from the garden

Happy weekend

more soon 
j x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


and lots of them!
over 200
I wish there was an easier way
maybe there is
is there??

This is my
I have, however, re-named it to the even more catchy

Medium sanity saving snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket

told you it was catchy!
It HAS literally kept me sane these last few weeks 
we have a bond, me and this blankie

P.S   *HELLO* to all of my lovely new readers and followers

P.P.S  My toes are still neglected...but i don't think it will be long now!

P.P.P.S  Only 13 days until my sweet B is home


More soon 
j x 


Monday, 18 July 2011

Happiness & Neglect

:: Happiness ::

Look what came in the post today...
...two crochet trimmed pillowcases  
(I seem to have a bit of a 'thing' for pillowcases at the moment)
Aren't they just beautiful?
They came from Esty
  a sweet shop called Rosehip owned by the lovely Beata
I have been eying up her pillowcases for a while now
and finally these are all mine
I can't wait to lay my sleepy head on them tonight
they look like they will induce sweet dreams
By the way Beata has a stunning blog
:: Neglect ::

(apologies if the above image shocked or repulsed)

Oh my poor poor neglected toes
I am sad and ashamed
those little pinkies need some attention
I lovingly painted them before our amazing holiday in Portugal 
they looked pretty for quite a while
but if you are a regular reader of my blog
you will know I have been laid up with a bad back for over four flipping weeks 
(sorry to whinge on!)
my tootsies have been looking more horrid every day of late
thanks to my amazing physio lady
I am now well on the mend
she has been my savior, so sweet and kind 
but, Oh My Goodness she doesn't mess about that's for sure
she has had me in positions that i thought were impossible
even with a good back!
cracking and clicking and pulling my silly body back to a straight line 
she is Incredible
thank you lovely L

(... back to the point ...) 

 I should soon be able to reach my poor neglected toes
and make them all pretty again
 * Hooray *

Happy Monday to you all

more soon
j x




Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pillowcase :: Ta-Dah!

All done!

Three reasons why I have REALLY enjoyed this little project

It made me feel close to my sweet B even though we are far apart
(she has a 'thing' for bumbles)

Embroidery can be done in the horizontal position!

It was quick and didn't take too much brain power
(I am worryingly low on that at the moment!)

I may make some more of these pillowcases
I think they would make very sweet gifts

By the way...
my lovely girl has emailed.....Hooorah!
she is safe, healthy and really having the time of her life
she told us that on their day off 
a few of them took a small boat over to an island where Jurassic Park was filmed
they saw a whale jump out of the water and a school of dolphins 
Pretty special I'd say

Hope you are all having a cheery week
more soon
j x

Friday, 8 July 2011

A little cheer-up shopping and front page excitement...

I'm still here
and I want to say a BIG thank you
to all of my lovely readers who pop by and for the lovely lovely comments that you leave
I love reading them and they really make my day
Thank you


Violet Skylet

(this photo has nothing to do with the post
but since I have not picked up my camera in a while I had to get some eye candy in somehow!)

Violet Skylet is my shop mascot
cute hey?

Well my sweet B went off on her travels with her huge rucksack early Monday morning

we had made a pact...
... NO TEARS when we said "goodbye" and we stuck to it 
(very nearly almost)
we waved her off
I can't tell you how hard that was 
I felt like my heart had been torn out  
to be quite honest I was a wreck for the rest of the day
(and then some!)

She has gone with her lovely boyfriend so they have each other 
The last text I had was to say that they had reached the airport in Costa Rica
after a night in a hostel they had a 9 hour bus journey, another 2 hour bus journey
and then a hike into the middle of a rainforest
I know they will have the time of their lives

I don't expect to hear anything until their return ...
... 25 days and counting ...


Things are slowly improving with my back

my lovely Pete took me out this morning
my first trip out in three weeks!
(except for my torture physio visits)
walking down the road
I must have looked like I was 100, which is actually good because I felt like 200 !
I needed supplies for a little pillow case embroidery project I have dreamt up
of course I will show you when it's done

I have cheered myself up with a little on-line shopping too

I was lucky enough to be on Etsy's UK front page this week

it was to celebrate July 4th
This treasury was created by the wonderful VeeDubz
and it is gorgeous
thank you to her x

Bright and Breezy b...


Magnets, Deep in th...


Old Glory - Red Whi...


Red, white and blue...


wooden folk art peg...


Fun Sign on Blackpo...


Bow Tie, skinny sty...


Cute Candy Ceramic ...


antique 1870 french...


The STOCKHOLM red e...


Dr. Seuss Baby Mobi...


Sierra Top (XS-XL)

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

This bunting is a bit of an attention seeker
this was its second front page appearance!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

more soon
j x

Friday, 1 July 2011

Reasons to be cheerful...


* Number one *

A posie of flowers from the garden

just adore the colours

they warm my heart

* number two *

A little treat for myself from the Cath Kidston sale, containing socks on my needles!

* number three *

The most beautiful self-seeded poppy

Well I can't pretend that life is hunky-dory at the moment
but my back is a little better
It seems it may be a slipped disc
I have been having treatment and doing my gentle exercises  
wishing with all my heart that it will repair soon

Life seems to be throwing all sorts of major stresses our way
why does everything happen at once??

Anyhow it is the nearly the weekend
I am trying my very best to be positive

It will be especially lovely to spend time with my family this weekend
as my sweet B is off on a trip on Monday
a BIG trip
one whole month in the tropical rainforests of Cost Rica
carrying out conservation work
monitoring big cats and monkeys
and conducting turtle patrols along the beaches!
I know she will have the time of her life
see and do things that she will remember for ever 
meet wonderful new friends too

 I will miss her so much
...worry worry worry...
I may not sleep for four weeks!

The hardest thing about being a parent is letting them go
but that is the job we signed up for I guess

whatever you are up to this weekend

More soon 
j x

P.S  Thank you so much for all your sweet comments they mean so much and have cheered me up no end  x