Thursday, 26 May 2011

The giraffe and the pussy cat

The title sounds like a nursery rhyme
I'd love to make one up for you 
but sadly I'm not that clever!

I have been busy making some personalised buntings
this one is for a friend who has just had a little baby boy

And here is a kitty one 
for a sweet little girl

I love making these buntings
 I love the thought that something that I have put love and time into
will be treasured for years to come
and when these children are all grown up 
it will be a little piece of remembered childhood for them

She is a chubby little kitty cat!

Well, I won't be around for a while
I am off on a little holiday
so I must love you and leave you 
I will be back soon though

Have fun whatever you are up to
j x

P.S Thank you so very much for all of your lovely comments on my crochet blanket

Sssshhhh...don't tell my hubby but i shall be taking it away with me
can't bare to be parted from it
I may have to stuff every stuffable item with a ball of wool !

Monday, 23 May 2011

Small snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket - Update

It has been some time now since my crochet post

and you guys were so very supportive and full of wonderful advice
it truely warmed my heart
thank you x

It made me realise how wonderful this blogging 'thing' is
To be honest, in the beginning, I wasn't sure if it was going to be for me
but I have been made so welcome
and have 'met' some wonderful new friends
I think I may have become addicted!

Anyway, back to the crochet
you will be pleased to know that I listened
I did!
Now what do you think...better?
(remember, I am a beginner, please go easy on me!)

I have crocheted two rows of white in between each double row of colour

I also decided to take out the dark raspberry colour

I think that the new, softer look 
small snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket
fits in much better

Up to a few months ago I was solely a knitter
although, I have longed to be able to crochet for a long time
and now I can, I just love it...totally
I don't think there is anything more relaxing 
than hooking away whilst watching a bit of tv
with a cool glass of rosé
Gardeners world would be my ultimate crochet tv
I love Monty you see x 

My plan is to finish the
small snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket - number one
for my sweet B to snuggle up with at uni
Good job she will be there for three years!

I would LOVE to know what you think
more soon
j x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A pretty jar & the return of Percy Pecker

pretty jar

Well, "Hello" to you all
Thank you so very much for all of your kind get well wishes
my ear is feeling a whole lot better thanks to you guys x
(and some antibiotic drops)

I had planned that today's post was going to be about my crochet
my plan of unpicking turned out to be rather controversial !!!
 Anyway, I forgot to take a photo of it today
but I will get that sorted tomorrow 
I am very pleased though
I did listen, I promise
you'll see in my next post

I brought this pretty jar in a discount home store for £4.99
I thought that was a bargain
It is so chunky and substantial
I just couldn't  resist it

pretty jar put to good use

To be honest it is actually stuffed full now
(I have so much thread stashed away)
but it looked prettier half full for its 'photo shoot'!

The only thing that would make me happier than a jar full of thread
 is a jar full of chocolate
oooooohhhh just the thought.......mmmmmm...
 but since I am being 'good' at the mo
thread is a more sensible choice
(otherwise it would now be empty!)

Now, Percy Pecker...
Do you remember him?
He is our little garden robin
I wrote this post a while back
but at the time I had to use a photo from the internet 
as my little friend had gone off on a trip
Ooooh that little robin has been elusive
but here, at last, drum roll please.....
Mr    Percy    Pecker

Mr Percy Pecker

What do you think? Is he cute or what?!
We had the camera poised by the kitchen window when we knew he was around
my sweet B took this photo, she is far more patient than me
Boy that bird is fast!

Right I'm off to do some stripy crochet
more soon 
j x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Garden eye candy

I hope you are having a good Tuesday 

I am feeling a bit grotty today with an ear infection

And although I'm not feeling 'wordy' today 
I really wanted to show you some eye candy



These beauties are really going for it in my garden
along with plenty of weeds!


Welsh poppy

Aaahhhh so pretty
I'd love to know what your favourite flowers are ?

more soon 
j x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Triangle loveliness

Before I get going, I just want to say a BIG thank you 
for your kind birthday wishes to my lovely G
He had a Fab birthday
and the computer is up and running (Phew!)

  My sewing machine is back from the repair shop
and I have been busy busy busy

 These custom orders are from a lovely friend of mine 

Hip Hip Hooray... part one (I had trouble fitting it in one photo!)

Hip Hip Hooray...part two!

along with this one

Sweet Home...part one 

Sweet Home...part two

She has had a busy weekend as her little girl has had a birthday
I asked her if she would 'road test' a cake bunting for me
 I am thinking about adding a new range of them to my shop
and of course being a bunting lover extraordinaire
she said YES
(in fact, she nearly hyper-ventilated with excitement and then she said yes, it was funny!)

 * * * AMAZING * * *

but it was not a patch on this beauty
just look at those colours

Hope you all had a fun weekend

more soon 
j x

Friday, 13 May 2011

My birthday boy

 ***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY *****

To my lovely G x

Seventeen today
where does the time go??
 This lovely boy has filled my life with so much happiness

I can remember when he was born just like it was yesterday
the immediate and over whelming love that just consumed me
So much love for this tiny little person it felt like my heart may burst
I feel blessed that he is mine

He came into this world seventeen years ago on a Friday 13th!!
There were a few dramas that morning
and he was nearly born in the car on the way to the hospital!


 Here we are again 
Friday 13th 2011 

 I am a very proud mum
School was tough for him
being dyslexic is tough for kids
but it has made him the kind hearted, thoughtful, generous, positive and wonderful young man that he is
(young man....gosh I guess he really is now..)

My goodness this boy of mine is a genius in so many ways
Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he is perfect
...oh No No No, I would be worried if he was !

He has been saving hard and has asked for 'cash please' for his birthday

And this is what for
(not my usual photo I know, but I promised him that I would show you all !) 

He is going to build his own computer
 I have been told all about mother boards, hard drives and chip thing-a-me-jigs
I have been told about a lot, but the truth is, it went in one ear and out of the other! 

Cake of choice today was Nigella's 
chocolate raspberry pudding cake

Just FABULOUS for breakfast

Tea is an Indian take away (good boy, saves me cooking for once!)

I shall leave you with a suitable boy birthday joke for the weekend

Happy birthday my Lovely G
I love you TMD 
(truly madly deeply)

more soon
j x