Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ding dong the bells are gonna chime...


Well we are ready and excited here

the bunting is up (as you might expect!)

the cupcakes are baked 



The flowers have been chosen 






I have even made a scone mix

just need to add milk and bake tomorrow

ready for a right royal cream tea.......

ooooh hurry up tomorrow!

It is such a wonderful fairytale

let's hope they will have a wonderful and peaceful marriage

 I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow

however you are celebrating


...and while you are here

something exciting happened today

I was on the front page of Etsy UK

my second time, I was over the moon

Thank you so much to GeorgieUK


Water-resistant ten...

Letterpress Card

St Ives Double Clut...

Kipul statement nec...

1950's Inspired...

Poppy bowl duo

Cushion, Up-cycled ...

Custom Deluxe JUST ...


Big Bow Tossing Gar...

Vintage Style Corse...

Over & Over Pocket ...
Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

more soon
j x 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One of 'those' days!

Yesterday, as the title suggests, was not a good day
they say things happen in three's
well at least we got them done and dusted in one day

thing number one...

My car
I was taking lovely G to college early yesterday morning
7.35 am to be precise
and scraped a brick pillar on the edge of our drive
this pillar has been there ever since we moved here
18 months ago, how did I do it?  I really don't know
but I did!
I told my Pete, made it sound a teeny bit worse than it was
when he came to inspect my stupidity 
his words were " oh, it's not as bad as I thought"
he he!

Thing number 2...

My sewing machine
I had settled down at the sewing machine
with a nice cup of coffee and my ipod merrily playing 
thinking how nice it was that the house was peaceful
when...clunk, snag, clunk, clunk
I adjusted some knobs, read the manual
did some de- fuzzing with my little mini brush
re-read the manual
but it was no use
my sewing machine was bust!
some rude words may have been muttered
(sorry mum x)

Spent a LONG time looking on line for a new one
(I will be getting my beloved mended, but thought a spare would be sensible)
I spoke to a nice man called Russel
he promised me that my new machine would be with me the next day

Thing number 3...

Sweet B's car
around tea time she drove to her boyfriend's house
not long after she left, the phone rang
" my oil light has come on, so I have parked up"
didn't sound too bad, we thought
so off we went, my Pete, lovely G and me to the rescue 
there was no oil and no water...BAD!
we managed to get poor car home (and sweet B)

Watched masterchef with a BIG glass of wine and a large amount of chocolate!
glad to get into bed

You will be pleased to hear that today has been better

poor car has gone to the garage.
and Russel was true to his word
My lovely new machine has arrived and with a freebie too

50 reels of lovely thread

and I found this
It is the prettiest little narcissi
I have never seen one like this before
the trumpet is very pale yellow and the petals bright bright yellow has been much better

more soon
j x

Monday, 25 April 2011

A room with a view

Well to be exact...A greenhouse with a view!

the view from my new green house.....oooooh eeeeeeek!

 I feel like such a lucky girl
I have been using one of those little plastic covered greenhouses
and to be honest it had worked well
I had just outgrown a big way!

I chat to my mum most days 
she knew all about my dreams of owning a 'grown up' greenhouse
and when she said that she would like to treat me to one 
I nearly hyper-ventilated!
Really? REALLY? Reeeeally?
you see, I have a special birthday this year
{Clue} it begins with a 4 and ends in a 0
(let's not talk about that though!)

far too many tomatoes

My Pete and lovely G worked so hard
with help too, from sweet B's boyfriend 
They laid a base in the sunshine
hot, sweaty, smelly and cement splattered
I think they secretly loved the macho-ness of it all

Then came the frame and finally the glass
 panicking and flapping and annoying (by the way that's me, so i'm told!)
I supplied tea, coffee, squash, water, chocolate, cake, advice, opinions, gloves,  sympathy....
They are my hero's
thank you x


It is now home to my little beloved seedlings
they have the best view 
it is my haven
a place to chill and potter
the first place I visit in the morning
ahhh... I love it

cherry blossom

It has been a lovely Easter weekend
had a little too much chocolate, perfect!
four family days all in row
lovely but glad they are all off to work and college tomorrow
and me back to the sewing machine
where there is a HUGE pile of pretty triangles waiting

beautiful wisteria

more soon 
j x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter wishes

Happy Easter wishes to all my lovely readers

more soon 
j x

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have been so lucky lately and have been featured
in lots of beautiful Etsy treasuries
I don't want to bombard you with them all
but I thought you might like a little nosey at these two beauties

Green apple by saradest


Yellow Chartreuse -...

Apple Green Floral ...

Ornate Vintage styl...

The ORIGINAL Tres C...

75 GREEN Paper Stra...

Key Lime Pie- Vinta...

Oasis Green

25 Mixed Spring Str...

Ruffle Pants Only -...

Lemon and lime pers...

Rose bud bunting pe...

Large Wooden Cake S...

green grass bookend...

C A R D S Banner fo...

Pale green shabby c...

10 Pear Cake Topper...

We're Sew Very Lucky by MeadowLark

We're Sew Very ...

HIS and HERS vintag...

sewing pattern lamp

Vintage Sewing Kit ...

embroidered wall ha...

Sweetheart of the R...

Sew, Vintage Thread...

Snow White- Blank C...

Happy Together 5x7

Wooden Spool Collec...

SPRING SALE Buttons...

Vintage Sewing Spoo...

Rose bud bunting pe...

Wire Storage Basket...

Vintage - Set of 3 ...


Aren't they pretty?
Thank you so much to both Saradest and MeadowLark

more soon 
j x