Wednesday, 7 December 2011


 I entered a Christmas decoration swap organised by
the wonderful Laa Laa
It was my first EVER swap
and it seems that I have been missing something special
due to the fact that I am new(ish) to blogland


We were allocated 'swap partners'
I was partnered with Celeste from Prettee Craftee blog
We shared lots of emails and got to know each other
that was just lovely

We sent our parcels to each other
we planned to open them at the same time
 and chat by email
(just look how beautifully they were those little hearts)
It was such fun knowing that we were both unwrapping at the same time

and look what I received...

Lucky me hey?
Thank you Celeste

It felt wonderful to be spoilt
I do feel sometimes that us ladies spend so much time
looking after and spoiling others
that we neglect ourselves
so a swap was just perfect
I shall definitely be joining in next year too
Thank you to Laa Laa for organising it

I was so excited to send my parcel off 
that I completely forgot to take any photo's
(I really have been the biggest scatterbrain lately)
so I am hoping Celeste will do that for me

I have had a busy little spell with my shop
all of the little Peckers flew out
They have all flown the nest
to spend their holidays with lovely new families

They have been so popular that I shall be making some for Easter

Bertie Blue

  Maybe Bertie Blue will have a little family next

I have added some more Christmas buntings too

Liberty Christmas bunting

Christmas tree bunting

Now I need to concentrate on making some Christmas presents
Quick Smart

Hope you are having a good week
more soon 
j x


  1. I joined in with that swap too. It was fun to be involved with - would like to do the advent calendar one next year.

    Lovely swap goodies x

    Leah x

  2. I have never taken part in a swop either ... but I'm very tempted after seeing all those goodies ... lucky you! I love, love, love the little crochet hearts.

  3. Too right us ladies need a bit of spoiling too. Those beautiful handmade gifts look so precious and you had seduced me into thinking that next year I too would like to participate in a swap. To spoil and be spoilt; it doesn't get much better than that!

    Miss you! Keep working ;-)

  4. lovely gifts j,I love the little parcels with the crochet hearts,now theres an idea for christmas wrapping! ;O) Have a lovely week,lots of love,juliexxxxx

  5. Lovely goodies, lucky you!! :)
    I love the little hearts on the presents, very cute.
    Enjoy the rest of the week Jooles,
    Vivienne x

  6. I completely agree with girls need to look after each other with some swapping pampering :) lovely goodies Jooles, enjoy! Loving all your makes. Your photos really are fab and show your pretties off beautifully.

    Take care lovely x

    Jo x x x

  7. What a great idea and what lovely goodies you received! I can't wait to receive my little Pecker and will definitely buy one of your new ones at Easter xx

  8. Im loving the hearts & the bunting my house is going to be filled with both this Christmas. gorgeous blog by the way

  9. i really enjoy all your wonderful creations- sooo beautiful x
    love the swapsie goodies, i had laalaa as my partner in the advent swap last year - it was so much fun x

  10. What wonderful swapsies you got, Jooles! And I love those little crochet hearts on each parcel, what a sweet idea. Your bunting looks really pretty, you do make lovely things. (And I am absolutely sure that if you make a quilt it will be a beautiful one!)
    Have a happy day and keep cosy.
    Helen x

  11. Oooh what pretty goodies! I've never taken part in a swap either, but it does look like fun (though does look like it requires quite a bit of organisation!) Maybe next year! Love those tiny crochet hearts too, what a pretty finishing touch to the wrapping. Hope you're staying warm and cosy in this horrible weather xxx

  12. Just found your blog. Love the hanging birds. Would loves to have ordered one, however I live in Cyprus so not really time to order one.
    I'm interested in the Easter version as a gift for my daughter, when will you start selling them and what will they look like?
    Many thanks

  13. Ahhh thank you all for such lovely always x

    Bertie blue's babies will be very similar to the little baby robins except they will be in eastery colours. I will probably list them in my shop at the end of feb beginning of march, but i will blog about them before hand...of course :o)
    love jooles xxx

  14. I like everything I see!

    Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas, Jooles xx

  15. What joy and FUN! One day I hope to do a swap when I have more time. Hugs for a great weekend

  16. Glad you enjoyed the swap I did one once and received some lovely things, the crochet hearts were lovely.Maisie.x


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