Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Me...but mini

Monday night was our 'craft guild' meeting
and Oh my lordy what lovely evening we had
all five of us
Not only was it a birthday celebration 
and a little housewarming 
it was also secret santa night


   Did we have fun??? oh yes we did!
aside from wonderful company
we had delicious Japanese dumplings
chocolate birthday cake and gifts galore
what more could anyone possibly ask for?

The secret Santa rule was that it had to be handmade
(of course!)
There was a beautiful knitted scarf
stunning bird decorations
hand embroidered bunting (surprisingly not from me!)
vintage tea cup candle and glasses case

and take a look at my gift

It's me...only mini...a mini me!
remarkably like me too...only kind x
I'm loving my shocking pink jumpsuit
I have always steered away from such outfits
but, seeing how good my mini me looks maybe I should reconsider

She came nestled in a bag full of American peppermint candies
I have been lusting after these having seen them in Martha 
for our gingerbread house this year
they are very moreish though, so may have to hide them from myself

I have been unable to get them anywhere in the UK
and my lovely Santa got her mum, or should I say Mom
to send these all the way from America especially for me
thank you lovely C 
(and lovely C's very kind mom)

I feel like I am making progress on my naughty 'to do' list at long last
yesterday was spent wrapping, cleaning and a little panic internet shopping
more of the same for me again today
 (hopefully with the exception of the panic shopping!)
but I really don't mind
it feels nice to be getting organised

We are not very Christmassy here just yet
just a few odd little festive reminders here and there

This cutie is from Michelle at A pinch of Prim on Etsy

we are waiting until this weekend
our sweet B is coming home from uni for Christmas
she will be back on Friday evening 

This weekend will be FULL ON Christmas for us
we have the Christmas tree waiting patiently outside in a bucket

This divine little angel is from Trish at Sweet Nellie also from Etsy

We are so excited...we have missed our lovely girl so much
me especially
My sweet B

I am feeling all behind on the blogging front
on visiting all of your lovely blogs to read whats happening
or just to say 'Hi'
and on posting on mine
 for some reason that I can't fathom that makes me quite stressed
or maybe it is everything else that is making me stressed??
It feels like life is on fast forward at the moment...don't you think?

Before I go ...
my lovely Christmas decoration swap partner has been blogging
about our swap
 pop over to see my lovely new friend Celeste
at Prettee Craftee
I know she'd love to see you

I will love you and leave you now as I have an Australian phone date
(oooh I say!)
with my best friend in the whole world
"I'm dialing Angi"

Have a great week
more soon
j x 


  1. Hi Jooles,
    Thanks for the mention, and I think your mini-me looks just like you! Not younger at all hehe. Enjoy B's homecoming can only imagine how excited you are. Loving all your new bunting on Etsy and need to invest in something cheery for Spring (?).
    Love Celeste x

  2. I love that mini me, te he he, its really is YOU !!! :).I really like the liberty christmas bunting as well, beautiful.
    Thank you for the call it was fabulous to talk to my bestie xxx Merry Christmas ,lets hope santa brings you a jump suit just the same :p

  3. I love your 'mini me', soooo cute! :)
    I'm sure it will be lovely having your girl back with you again!!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. I would put a pink jump suit on your Santa list! ;)

  4. I'm glad you like the mini me, Jooles! I wonder if the Mollie Makes people know what I've done with the little felt animals pattern from issue 2...and I thought the pink outfit suits you, and now that you've got me sewing again, I know what to make you for next Christmas! Love to Sweet B! -cx

  5. Hello Jooles,

    It is so lovely to catch up with you. Your evening sounds like such a lot of fun - those candies look so PRETTY - but the best news, following the success of your adorable robins, is the return of your daughter.

    How very exciting! We haven't got a lot of decorations up yet either. We tend to put up the tree around the Solstice. I think the fact we are off on holiday for Christmas week puts us in another dimension if you see what I mean!

  6. That MiniMe must seriously be the cutest present ever!!!
    Hope you enjoy your daughters visit

  7. Wow! What a whirlwind!!! I know how you feel- it is soooo busy this time of year! Love, love,love the little "you"-so cute! And you shoul DEFINITELY consider pink jumpsuits (tho' I'd be more inclined to snuggle in a pink sleepsuit heehee!)
    So glad you got your girl back:)

  8. I really think you should go for the pink jumpsuit, you look so *GOOD* in it Jooles! ;)

    have a lovely weekend with B.....

    Lou xxx

  9. I loved all your Christmassy pictures, Jooles! And your mini me!! So cute! It sounds as if you are having a lovely and very busy time. I'm glad your sweet B will be back with you very soon. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy those delicious stripy candies...
    Helen x

  10. Hello, I'm interested in placing an order for personalised bunting either for in my hallway or I have a sheltered porch. Can you suggest anything. Love your stuff but not sure what to get. Many thanks

  11. Thanks for the pink jumpsuit encouragement ladies ;o) Hmmmmmmm....

    hello anonymous (sorry, what a name to call somebody!) sadly i can't reply to your comment as there is no link, but if you would like to send me an email to
    we can have a chat about personalised bunting.
    I do have these two...

    they may give you an idea.
    look forward to hearing from you

    love jooles x

  12. Sounds like pure joy in your home....such a cute little mini you! Enjoy all the special moments with your joy joy. xoxoxo

  13. Your crafters guilt night's sound lovely, is it just a group of your friends that enjoy crafting aswell..?
    Your secret santa gift is gorgeous, what a sweet version of you! :-)
    Enjoy having Sweet B back from Uni, it'll be a lovely Christmas with her home.

    Ashley xxx

  14. Hi Ashley :o)
    Yes 'craft guild' he he...we are a little group of 5 friends who get together once a month and craft, natter, put the world to rights, eat cake and help each other through tricky times, oh and craft! we all love our evenings and come home feeling all warm inside and inspired.
    I would now be lost with out them
    have a great week
    love jooles xxx

  15. Oh my that little mini me is soooo cute. How talented is your friend! Your craft guild sounds really lovely, I would love to be part of something like that.

    Why does time move so fast in December?! I hope you can relax soon and just have a lovely time with your daughter home for Christmas.

    In case I don't get back to say hi I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!


    Helen xx


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