Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Holiday happiness ❤

Well here we are, just five short days away from the big day!
I can't believe how quickly it has whizzed up

We have had the most wonderful weekend
in my mind it has been the happiest weekend I can remember in a 
very long time
our sweet B returned home from uni last Friday evening
I feel so happy and content knowing she is home
my heart feels complete once again

Saturday was spent putting the decorations up
we had a fab day
lots of laughing at our ginormously fat tree
being heaved in by the men of the house
we have never had a tree this wide...EVER
I asked the man for a 'bushy' tree
it was muddy and rainy so we happily took the one he suggested
it was all netted up and ready to go
but my goodness when that net came off....what a sight
don't get me wrong it is a beautiful tree
it really is
but it takes up the whole of one end of our sitting room.

On Sunday my lovey G 
who started his first ever grown up and proper job a few months ago
treated us to a Christmas Sunday lunch in a gorgeous country pub
it was so sweet of him and I could see how proud he felt
(it melted my heart x)
There were conditions though....
1. we had to have a roast
2. and drink tap water!

....so funny
we decided to pay for our own drinks!

It really was a weekend to treasure

On boxing day we will have lots of family visiting
so in preparation
there has been LOTS of kitchen activity 
It has been a bit of a Delia day today

I made
these are absolutely gorgeous
I make them every year, they are lovely G's all time favourite
and have become a boxing day lunch tradition
I shall pop them in the freezer
I love the feeling of making ahead and stashing away

I also made 
I make this every year too...yummy

Tomorrow sweet B will be my cooking partner
*happy dance*

we will be making
again, these are yummy and freezable too

although I won't fill them until the day

later in the week we will be making a gingerbread house
I will try to post some photos
Oh how I love this time of year

Hope you are having lots of festive fun too

more soon 
j x


  1. What a wonderful Christmassy cheer filled post. I'm struggling to feel festive, think it might be because we don't have a fir tree this year, can't trust the pup not to wreck it! Your tree is amazing!

  2. your tree is fantastic - just how a tree should be, & i love that pub too - what a treat!

  3. Such a sweet post, am glad you have your cooking partner back for a while....enjoy making and munching all those delish yummies!!!! I rather like that rabbit/hare decoration, he looks like he is leaping for joy at the thought of Christmas......
    Nattie x

  4. I can tell how happy you are to have your girl back with you again!
    Your tree and decorations look lovely as do those gorgeous puddings. :)
    V x

  5. So much beauty in this post!!!
    I love your decorated twig wonderland- its amazing!!
    And all that cooking- makes me hungry reading about all that deliciousness

  6. your home looks so lovely ! the tree is fantastic ,how did you make the other wintery branches ?? xxxx merry merry christmas to you all.So happy for you that b is back xxx
    I do wish our big day was going to be cold and snowy but predicted temp of 37 degress ! may mean we are sweating into the gravy at this rate :p . i can see the new decoration on your tree yipeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love your big tree, just gorgeous! Love the little rabbit too, isn't he cute! Have fun on the build up to Christmas. Take care x

  8. As Big Cupcake would say.....Wow your Christmas Tree is epic!!! What a beauty. Such a lovely post Jooles filled with Christmas spirit and lots of family love x Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. How sweet of G.....that did bring a smile to my face :) Have a wonderful day cooking with your sweet B x I hope hope you have a wonderful Christmas lovely, may the stars shine and all your Christmas wishes come true x x x

    Lots of love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  9. So lovely having your family around. It is funny how things evolve as they grow older and though Christmasses become "different" I think they are no less magical for the children being a bit more grown up!Your tree really is a whopper- gorgeous! The decorations look lovely and very classy and I can almost smell the delicious aromas from all that baking:)
    Wishing you and your family a very joyful Christmas x

  10. Ahhh thank you lovely ladies, such lovely comments x

    Hello my lovely Angi x
    There has been no clever jiggery pokery with the wintery branches i'm afraid...it is a shop job, a little wintery tree with built in lights.
    Of course you can see your special decoration but just wait until my 'merry Christmas' post :o)
    please don't sweat into your gravy!
    lots of love
    jooles xxx

  11. A lovely, happy post, Jooles! All your decorations and that bushy tree look so beautiful, and how wonderful that your sweet B is home and you can cook together and enjoy all the festiviities as a family. Merry Christmas!!
    Helen x

  12. It all looks and sounds lovely - and my mouth is watering. My daughter and I did the gingerbread house thing yesterday and boy did we have fun! And we're so chuffed with the results - we're going to make one every year now! Have a great time cooking with your daughter - special times...

  13. What a lovely post, all the food items are making me feel hungry! Gorgeous tree too, glad you are enjoying your precious family time xx

  14. What a gorgeous post!!! That is one stunning tree!!! And remember..... A Christmas tree can NEVER be too big!!! ;-)
    I Love your sparkly mirror and stylishly-decorated drawer combo!!! And your magical twigs are soooo pretty!


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