Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sew sweet Violet....SEW!

Oh my goodness
it's been 'all go' around here!

My Etsy shop has got nice and busy 
and I am so happy about it :o)

photo number one

I have been at my sewing table ALOT
from early in the morning 
until late into the evening

*Can you spot the difference?

photo number two

My little Peckers are all sold out 
and I have been busy making several advent buntings

I just LVE it
with each and every sale I get so excited
It's wierd, I make things and obviously I like them 
otherwise I wouldn't make them
but you never really know if anyone else will... you know what I mean?
So when people swap their hard earned money
for something that I've made it really warms my heart
I am truly grateful for that

I am hoping to make another nest-full of little baby robins
and have them in my shop in the next couple of weeks
so to all of you who have been inquiring ~
keep your eyes peeled for little peckers soon!

Other news ~

❤  The lovely Karen over at a quiet corner 
has passed on the versatile blogger award to me
How nice is that?
I really need to contain my excitement
thank you Karen
I shall have to put my thinking cap on and come up with something to tell you

 My lovely G has started driving
he has had three lessons so far
I kept 'forgetting' to book them as I just couldn't bare the thought 
not of him driving, but of him growing up
I have had enough of BIG changes this year
anyway I took a deep breath and 'got over it'
He loves driving and according to his instructor is very good at it
unlike his mum!

Our sweet B is coming home for the weekend ~ YAY!
So I am working extra hard with all of my orders
so that we can have a lovely family weekend
We are hoping to go to a Christmas craft fair here
and make some Christmas cards
 I miss spending time with her so much

I seem to have been a little out of my 'blogging zone' lately
sometimes it is just hard to fit everything in
so I am sorry if I've not popped by to say 'Hi' lately
and forgive me if I am not here quite so often 
just for a while

well thats about it for now
have a fabulous week

more soon
j x

* photo 1 ~ daytime drinkies
   photo 2 ~ evening drinkies


  1. You DESERVE all the success in the world my dear. Keep those robbins coming.... I shall be waiting.

  2. You are a busy bee...and a cute one at that...have fun! xoxo

  3. Well I can vouch for the fact that the things in your shop are absolutely lovely! And I am so glad to have been lucky enough to snap up some robins. (I also have some pyjama bottoms in the red flowery fabric - great minds!)

    Pomona x

  4. Congrats on being so busy ~ hardly surprising though with all your gorgeous creations!
    Vivienne x

  5. hello, found you on Etsy :) i am so jealous of your work space! it looks so organised, unlike mine which is a bombs site most of the time love your blog, will be back to visit! :)

  6. glad you're busy! (and yes, totally understand the sheer joy when others like your work!)
    Liking your daytime/nightime drink Christmas approaches my nightime drink gets gradually earlier and earlier....until, sometime around 19th December I realise I'm having a Bailys with my breakfast!!!
    happy days
    fee x

  7. I have just come across your blog and I LOVE it! Full of lovely posts and fab items to buy! I will definitely be back to visit again soon and will also have to purchase a few bits too ;0) I too feel the same as you sometimes - do people really want to buy my the things that I make?! xx

  8. I'm so pleased that your shop is doing well - you deserve the success, as you make such beautiful things! :)
    The advent bunting is a fantastic idea! I love the snowman fabric, too!!!

  9. Ha ha! LOVE the night time drinkie the best!!
    Beautiful buniting- you are so talented and inspire me to have another go on my nan's old machine.
    I too have been off the bloggy-sphere recently- there's just not enough hours in the day....!


  10. I loved seeing your pretty sewing pictures today, Jooles. I'm not surprised your shop is selling so much, your work is beautiful. I'm glad to hear that more little robins will soon be flying in too! Have a happy evening.
    Helen x

  11. Hi Jooles,

    I'm so so glad your shop is doing so well, you definitely deserve the success as your items for sale are just lovely. I'm so excited to use my cake bunting.

    When did you start up your shop? I was planning on sending you a little email but this post seems just the right place to ask. I was wondering if you have any tips as to how to get an Etsy shop going?

    It's just that I'm thinking of setting one up in the new year as I am a stay-at-home mum and I'd love to have a little money of my 'own' if you know what I mean...

    I don't mean to be a pain or be nosy but the things you've sent me have been so beautifully packaged, I was just wondering where you get all of your packaging and everything from to make it cost effective...

    Obviously your busy, so I'm in no rush for any answers!

    Ashley xxx

  12. Is that a glass of vino I spy on your sewing table??? Not too many of those or your lovely straight lines might get a little wavy!!
    Glad you are doing well, but how could you not with the lovely things you make.
    Enjoy the time with your lovely girl, too. x

  13. Ahhh thanks are lovely x

    Ashley ~ i will email you in a day or two, oh my goodness you are not being a pain at all, if any thing i'm flattered.

    love jooles xxx

  14. your wonderful ! xxxx

  15. I love these advent pockets! pat on the back for your etsy success......
    Nattie x

  16. It's lovely to read that you are busy with orders - I'm not surprised as all the things in your shop are gorgeous, and you can see how well made they are! Your work area is so amazingly tidy - how do you manage it? Mine looks like a bomb hit it sometime earlier in the week... Have a great weekend, and thanks for the mention of Losely - may pop over tomorrow...

  17. good news! and good luck for the rest of the xmas season. Noticed from your photos that we have the same workspace lamp. Ikea - saving crafters eyes all over the UK?

  18. Pleased to see someone else with a glass of wine by their sewing machine! I sometimes come downstairs in the morning and look at the 'clutter' around mine and wonder how on earth I managed to sew in a straight line.

  19. You work in such a gorgeous environment, no wonder all your creations are so lovely. It's great to hear that you are busy with orders.
    Love the evening drinkie picture and that reindeer bunting is wonderful.

  20. Oh I really love your sewing corner! I'm a bit jealous as I have to cart my sewing machine down to the dining room table and would love a beautiful crafty space like yours! It's beautiful, so calm and tranquil, tea during the day and wine at night, bliss! I love looking at your blog too, it's so beautiful and everything is so neat and tidy. I'm on a tight budget with being off on maternity leave but I'd love to order something from you, will have to discuss with other half! I love supporting talented people with their creative endeavours. Well done and keep it up!

    Helen xx

  21. Beautiful post, Jooles. Your workspace is so lovely and inviting, I can quite see why you'd like to sit there working away, from tea to wine. :)

  22. I have to say Jooles I'm not surprised....what you make is not only beautiful but made so well. Don’t you go working too hard.

    Lou xxx

  23. Your lovely sewing table looks so organised and pretty, it makes mine look very disorganised. I must tidy it up! Xmas bunting is great. Glad to hear your nice and busy in your etsy shop, Im going to pop over now and have a look. Katie x


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