Friday, 25 November 2011

Moose business

Well I am feeling like I am slowly getting on top of things here
I have (literally) just finished a stack of bunting orders
Ahhhhh big sigh

I thought I'd share these with you
A wonderful friend of mine ordered these
for two little brothers
she wanted them similar but different
I will be dropping them off of sunday
I hope she likes them

I now need to concentrate on making a nestful of little Peckers
and for all the lovely people who have been enquiring about them 
I am sorry for the little delay
but they WILL be in my shop by the end of next week

By a strange coincidence today
I had an email from the lovely Viv from PoppySparkles
to say that she had featured my 'Merry Christmoose' bunting 
on her wonderful blog

What a beautiful collection
don't you think??
I feel very honoured to be there
You can find that festive moose here in my shop

Thank you Viv

I am looking forward to tonight
It is the much anticipated 
craft guild night
It is at my house tonight
so I'm off to rustle up some cupcakes
(well what is craft without cake??)
see you later ladies

have a fabulous weekend everyone
more soon
j x


  1. Everything looks so beautiful, your works really lift a home up. Made with LOVE as it shows.
    Have fun tonight, Jooles xx

  2. I LOVE your festive bunting! The little deer faces are so cute! :)
    Hmm, and I'm now inspired to gobble up some yummy cake :)

  3. I should think your friend will be delighted. That bunting looks stunning and beautifully finished.
    Will keep a check on those little peckers, might have to get one to fly in this direction!

  4. Isn't it nice to feel on top of things?? Well done for ticking some of it off the list! I LOVE your moose bunting, sure your friend and her boys will love them too! Have a lovely evening tonight and a great weekend too xxx

  5. I love your moose bunting, and I'm sure those little boys will too! All your work is gorgeous, Jooles. Have a lovely time tonight and a great weekend too.
    Helen x

  6. That all sounds positive lovely :) I just LOVE the bunting!!!! Love your attention to detail and're a very talented lovely lady :)

    Have a fab weekend x

    Jo x x x

  7. That bunting is wonderful, lucky boys!

  8. The bunting is perfect! Hope you have a good weekend.

    Pomona x

  9. Oh I think they're going to love the Christmoose bunting, I know I do! :)
    Have a lovely evening and don't eat too many cupcakes! ;)
    Vivienne x

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  11. So much fun....your buntings are just adorable. oxxo Happy weekend..take time for yourself. xoxo

  12. I love your Christmoose bunting, so cute! I'll keep an eye out for a little Pecker as I'm sure my daughter would love one! xx

  13. I'm sure they will love them! You are doing well... keep up the hard work! ;)

    what happened to my invite???

    Lou xxx

  14. I love the bunting - the moose is so cute!
    Mmmmm..... Cupcake??? Can I come???

  15. Love the christmassy bunting ,I'm sure they will be very pleased.lovely work,love

  16. Oh my word, that bunting has really got me in the mood for Christmas. Oh so exciting. I'm listening to the Sussex carol, wishing I had put my tree up today and looking at your lovely bunting. Everything you make looks so lovely. Sigh.. a happy sigh.

    Oh and tea and cake and crafty makes... can I come too?!! Might be a weeeee bit far!

    Will keep a look out for the peckers

    Helen xx


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