Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Please come on in...

...let me show you around

Do you remember this post ?
well things are now much improved here
our home is at last (very nearly) calm and peaceful

Amongst other things we had a wall built to make another room
we can't decide what to call this room
it will be for me to sew but I can't claim it completely
I will share (begrudgingly)
maybe 'the sung'
any suggestions?
I think it will be well used
we have no main lights in there yet, still waiting for the electrician
the new lights are up and waiting
still, I have my fairy lights
Oh pretty lights how I love thee

This is my new sewing table
please admire it's tidiness as it doesn't look like this often
and certainly doesn't now
been busy there today

My tidy thread drawer
this won't last long either

My pretty pretty pretty Tilda tins
keeping everything tidy

Two cake buntings waiting to be finished

My beloved little flower shelf
and my Busy Bee picture 
painted by my sweet B

makes me feel close to my lovely girl and reminds me to get busy
I am VERY easily distracted

bits and bobs on the bookshelf

Oh and I couldn't be without my little friend
Violet Skylet

In this armoire I store all of my finished goodies for my shop
buntings, birdies
oh and bunnies

sleeping bunnies

It has been a pleasure to show you around
thank you for visiting
I just realised that I forgot to photograph my new front door
I'll show you next time

Have a lovely week

more soon 
j x


  1. What a lovely workspace you have Jooles, I think I would be very reluctant to share it!!!
    Your armoire is beautiful as are your pretty fairy lights.
    Thanks for showing us around. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. So lovely!!! What a wonderful little room, I love the twinkles....so pretty. I dream of a room like this all for myself! I will have to do with the dining room table for now though.......
    Nattie x

  3. Hi just found your blog whilst browsing its lovely and I have spied a few fairies. I am going to do a workshop with Samantha in December and can't wait.
    debs x

  4. Oh my goodness! Gasp! Swoon! I just feel as if I have been transported somewhere into my inner dreams. What I mean to say in plain English is 'I LOVE YOUR STUDIO'!!!

    Blissful and one look at your sleeping bunnies transported me back to happy childhood memories.

    Right, I will cease gushing now!

  5. Your house is looking lovely, very neat and tidy!! The drawer full of colour co-ordinated thread is very pretty to look at. One day I hope to have a room where I can have all of my craft bits and bobs out on display.. at the moment everything is hidden away as much as possible because I have nowhere but our open-plan frontroom/dining room to keep my things. Bla bla bla.. I'm sorry for going on!
    Your cupboard for storing your homemade goodies is Gorgeous! Love it! :-) and look at all those craft books! Heaven.
    You look very neat and organised, I tidy up and then within a couple hours it all goes back to looking the same again..!
    (The coloured lights are lovely)

    Ashley xxx

  6. I love those lights!
    What a beautiful room, how can you not be creative in a room like that!
    Very happy for you:)

  7. Oooh how lovely!! I especially like your armoire. I'm very envious of that room, it looks perfect to me.

    (I'd also like to see a photo of it when you've made a creative mess! I love to see sewing works in progress.)

    Cute bunnies too. Thanks for showing us!

    Nicki xx

  8. So many beautiful accents! I especially adore your pretty light strand. And the thread drawer made me smile the colors were so vibrantly happy... almost like they were singing. :-)

  9. What a beautifully calm place your new room looks! Even if it ends up with sewing-in-progress clutter on the desk, it will be lovely. Have fun!

  10. Wow what a fantastic sewing room and table - so tidy and pretty! I have serious envy! I hope one day I will have somewhere beautiful like that to work! x

  11. Ooooh Jooles!! How super duper delightful! I loves it!! What a lovely space to sew away in. Love the pic of your cotton draw.....it's like looking at a load of sweeties! Love, love, LOVE!

    Jo x x x

  12. Love, love, love, all of it! I nearly got those lights, I wish I did now! I will pop back tonight and have a better look.

    Lou xxx

    PS. I will email you tonight. X

  13. Just found you via Free Pretty Things and am so glad I did, your blog is lovely! Your enw workspace is beautiful! Em x

  14. Jooles, I have room envy, it's just lovely! Those little lights are just too gorgeous - where did you get them from? x

  15. Ahhh thanks everyone for such sweet comments, you have made my day :o)

    Liz...i got the fairy lights from a fab shop in the lake district, but i just searched online for them and found them here...
    love jooles x

  16. Your room looks lovely- so many pretty things and twinkly lights. If I were you I'd hog it all to myself!!!

  17. Hi,

    What a lovely blog you have!

    And WHAT a lovely, lovely, lovely sewing room!!! I especially love the fairylights. Who needs real lights when you have fairy lights?!?! AND I love the draw of cotton reels, as its all so beautifully arranged!

    I can see exactly why you're not too keen on sharing! ;-)

    I'll be visiting again soon, so until next time.....


  18. I would love to spend all my spare time somewhere like this, it looks lovely xxx

  19. oh my, can I move into your craft room! I dream of a day I can have a room like that. x

  20. Gorgeous, Jooles! What a lovely work room you have now, with all your pretty things to hand. I love those sweet little lights too. I hope you have a lovely crafty time in your new room!
    Helen x

  21. That's a super workspace, lucky you! And so very tidy ... bet you can't wait to get stuck into some sewing and mess it all up a bit ;D

  22. I love the sound of snug, or maybe the den. It looks perfect though and so tidy.

    Nina x

  23. So so beautiful! :)
    I wish sooo much for my own little space to make away.
    I LOVE those fairy lights! :)

  24. Your room is just delightful. Oh to have a dedicated space to work in. It must create a very relaxing atmosphere for you.xx

  25. Oh wow, what a lovely space. Nice to have taken 'tidy' photo's while you could.



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