Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy days ❤...

We had a lovely lovely weekend
Sweet B came home from university
we collected her Friday evening 
she has been a little homesick 
poor love

Ahhhh it was bliss to be together

The house was filled with cake and flowers
well seriously, what home-coming would be complete without both???

carrot cake...lets just say it didn't last long
 not that cake ever does in this house

all these flowers were from the garden
I think the poor flowers are confused...
...not that i'm complaining 
It really was wonderful to have her home 
and to spend time as a family
we went for a gorgeous walk at Winkworth arboetum
the trees are just beautiful in their autumn colours
we played silly games
planted sweet peas 
and did a food shop for her to take back so that she won't starve
mind you, that would never happen
I have seen her snack drawer! 
Even the sparkles in our bedroom felt the magic
We took her back on Monday
(I did heavily consider locking her in the pantry)
We all felt a little sad but not like the first time
that was BAD
I have decided to be postive about it all
and start looking forward to her next visit
I have been busying myself at my new sewing table
there will be a Christmasy shop update in a couple of days 
I hope you had a lovely weekend too
more soon
j x


  1. I am so happy for you! In my humble opinion the first time your lovely daughter left was the worst and, human nature being the way it is, you will get used to departures and things will not seem quite as traumatic. You are so right to relish the thought of her next return especially if all weekends together are that special.


  2. What a lovely way to spend the weekend! That cake looks so good, I just love some carrot cake. Its good that your able to look forward to the next home visit, just think Christmas soon and you'll have her back for a few weeks!

  3. What a lovely welcome home for Sweet B ... cake is a great cure all don't you think. Before you know it she'll be home again I'm sure xxx

  4. Bless her, I had a tear in my eye reading this post. She can always come and stay with me! :-)
    beautiful flowers!

    Lou xxx

  5. Me again, where is my bit of cake???? x

  6. What a lovely welcome home!
    I went away for university adn it really made me appreciate my parents more!

  7. ahh i remember feeling a little homesick when i went to uni {& i really remember how hard it was on my mum}won't be long till xmas!

  8. Awe what a lovely weekend!
    Cake and flowers always help. :)
    Each time will be a little easier.
    Vivienne x

  9. I had my James home too so know how you feel.x

  10. Sounds like you had a fab weekend. It's ok to miss her, but even better to look forward to her next visit home. Wish I had a slice of that cake now! xx

  11. Your flowers are stunning and oh....that cake!!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, filling your lovely girl with love to take back with her and see her through till her next homecoming:)

  12. The welcome home sign, flowers and cake are such a sweet and lovely home coming..what a good mummy you are! Am sure she had to drag herself back to uni having had all that.
    P.S I love you bed!
    Nattie x

  13. So glad you had a happy weekend with your sweet B, Jooles. And now the first parting is over, the gaps between seeing her will not seem so bad. I love all your flowers in this post, so pretty, and such delicious cake too. And the Welcome Back sign is gorgeous!
    Helen x

  14. So glad you had a wonderful weekend together. My boy is homesick too. We are driving up next week to visit him. xx

  15. Aaaaah! What a lovely post! It sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend together! And she'll be back again before you know it!!! :-)
    Your cake photo made me feel EXTREMELY hungry - it looks delicious!!!

  16. Pure joy...I am so in love with your little flower holder...happy dance! Have fun with Sweet B!

  17. She won't want to go back with all those treats on offer! Boys are completely the opposite - they come back very rarely - although sometimes if they are very hungry they get tempted!

    Pomona x


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