Saturday, 29 October 2011

For the l❤ve of my friend Percy Pecker...

....who will shortly become a daddy

I have been cutting, knitting, embroidering and stitching
LOTS of little baby robins
to decorate Christmas trees throughout the land

They should start flying into my shop sometime next week

one or two may even be appearing in a little bloggy giveaway here
sometime soon

Oh how I love these flat little guys

wings  (if you were wondering)

snugly moss stitch scarves - for the nippy days ahead

If you are new around here  (hello ;o)  you may not know of Percy Pecker
If you'd like you can find out about him

Happy weekend

more soon
j x


  1. How cute are they! I saw a robin in the garden just yesterday, winters on its way!! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. So adorable and 'I-want-ish'!

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. There looking great, I love the heart shaped wings and little scarves :)
    Sue Xxx

  4. They are very very cute! Would be perfect for easter! x

  5. What a wonderful, and *large*, family Percy will have! Such cute baby robins :D

  6. they look so sweet all lined up together & i love the little scarfs!

  7. Hey Jooles, you have been busy.....your Robins look so sweet and their little scarves are cute as.

    I'm sure they will be very popular and fly out of your shop no sooner than they fly in.....

    Claire :]

  8. Awww they are so adorable! Are you putting the scarves on them? I really hope so it will add a lot to the cute factor :-D

  9. So cute, loving the teeny weeny scarves, they are gorgeous! xx
    p.s I don't think I commented on your last couple of posts but so very sorry to hear your sad news, big hugs xxx

  10. You must have been working non-stop - they look so sweet all lined up together!

    Pomona x

  11. Oh those little bids are so cute. Love the scarfs.

  12. Oh Jooles those little guys are oh-so-sweet!! Too cute and I love the little dish of scarves!!!

    Hope you have a peaceful & super weekend x

    Jo x x x

  13. My - you have been busy!
    I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!

  14. You have been busy! Super cute:)

  15. Give away give away (I'm silently chanting that!) I love the look of those festive treats!

    nice to meet you - and thank you very much, both for entering MY giveaway, and putting my button on your lovely blog. I'm so glad I spent 5 hours trying to make it all feels worth it.

    I see we have some shared blogging friends.
    Now, off for a nosey around your blog...fee x

  16. They are soooo cute and I love their sweet little scarves. :)
    Enjoy your weekend Jooles,
    Vivienne x

  17. These are extremely cute, dear Jooles! Pretty and happy colors too.
    Happiest of hugs for a lovely Sunday xo xo xo xo

  18. Oh my goodness! They are super-cute!!! I love the little bowl of teeny-tiny scarves - it's good to know that they're not going to get cold! :-)

  19. Make sure they go to good loving homes :)

  20. These little robins are sooo adorable, Jooles! How cute they look altogether like that. And their little pile of fluffy scarves waiting to be tied sweet!
    Helen x

  21. aahhh look at all those baby robins being created, so so gorgeous!

  22. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! And adorable!!!

    Lou xxx

  23. No way...these are beyond sweet...oh happy dance...I love love love them my dear are so adorable. xoxoxo


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