Thursday, 20 October 2011

Christmas is coming...

...I know, I know, the tile of my post is slightly alarming
but I have been filling my Etsy shelves with lovely Christmas-y things
and I wanted to show you

First up...advent calendars

The advent calendar above is made using Tilda fabrics
mostly from the 'Christmas house' range
I have fallen madly for these beautiful prints and have used them lots

Large flag bunting

Christmas cake bunting

Teeny tiny bunting perfect for decorating the tree

more teeny tiny...


can you tell I like the tree bunting??

Merry Christmoose bunting 

(yes spellchecker, I know that's wrong)

Let it snow! bunting

and of course my little friend Percy Pecker
I have also been working on some little friends for Percy
They will be looking forward to meeting you all soon
(when they have been made that is)

Gosh what a lot of photos
hope I didn't bore you
Righty-ho back to the sewing machine
well little birdies don't make themselves, you know

Happy Thursday to you
more soon
j x


  1. I have started working on Christmas presents, too - your bunting is so beautiful it is sure to do well for you!

    Pomona x

  2. How could you have bored us with a post like that?! Never! Your new Christmassy things are gorgeous, I love the Christmoose bunting, so cute! I also love the Tilda fabrics you've used - I'd seen the little birdie one on someone else's blog and had fallen in love and now I know who it is by! :) xxx

  3. Christmas gifts are in the making here as well, nothing as colourful as that lovely bunting though! Especially love the Christmoose ;D

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!! Jooles they are all just fabulous & I love them all!!! You clever, talented thing!!! Beautiful!!!!! Love your colour & design choices....all just right and very inspiring :)

    Jo x x x

  5. Wow that's an impressive amount of sewing you've been upto! I've hardly made any Christmassy things so far. Did you make the moose face yourself and sew it on? I'm rather in awe!

  6. Ahhh thanks everyone x

    Hi Nicole... thank you, i make a paper template with a quickutz die cutter and then use the template to hand cut the fabric, i then stitch this onto the flag.

    love jooles x

  7. Oh wow! You are the Queen of Bunting - they are all just so gorgeous! Beautifully made, and oh-so-many delightful fabrics!

  8. Of course you haven't bored us.
    Gorgeous bunting made with beautiful fabric,as always.
    I love the Christmoose!! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. My goodness what an eye candy filled post! I'm so pleased to see more Christmas bunting, I can show it to hubby, he thought I was odd at making festive bunting!! Love the fabrics you have used, gorgeous!

  10. Oh my gosh Jooles, just when I thought I had as much of your bunting as I could get you post the tiny tree bunting! Wheeee! Oh me oh my I might have to get a few lots of that for our tree this year, then maybe I'll say enough's enough? (no doubt you'll come up with another gorgeous creation that will get me hooked!) -cx

  11. So festive - I guess it's never too early to start thinking and planning.

    Nina x

  12. oh those items are just gorgeous, I bet they will fly off the virtual shelves :-)

  13. Wow! Wow! And WOW!!! Sooooo many pretties in one post! I can't get enough of bunting, so I love all your Chriatmas goodies, Jooles! Your fabrics are gorgeous! I can't believe how busy you've been! I have to say that this post has given me a bit of a kick up the backside - I MUST get cracking with christmassy makes....

  14. All your makes are absolutely beautiful....and I adore the Christmas cake bunting! I'm sure your shop will do really well, Jooles. Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  15. Nothing boring about that post! In fact you have performed the impossible; I have started feeling all dreamy about Christmas ... in october.

    Beautiful work and yes, the fabric is gorgeous but you bring out the best in it.

    Roll on Advent ;-)

  16. No way...your advent calendar is sooooo adorable...pure joy. Love to you for a great week.

  17. These are so cute. I've been looking for some advent ideas and I just found them! Thank you!!

  18. Your buntings are so so darling, Jooles, I must have a Christmassy one for an extra wonderful holiday season. Keeping my eye on your shop.
    Happy Monday xx

  19. You are so clever Jooles! I love all of it as always.

    Lou xxx

  20. OMGoodness you are super talented!
    fee x


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