Monday, 26 September 2011

Still here....

...but struggling a bit
my sweet B has gone off to uni
I miss my brave, beautiful little girl with all my heart

Can't seem to find any words today
I do have lots to show you though... back soon
j x


  1. Sending you hugs x x x I'm not sure who Sweet B is but a loss of any kind is very very sad, leaving a huge hole. Look after yourself lovely lady x x x

    Jo x x x

  2. Awe don't worry Jooles she'll be back soon! It's hard to let go but I know you know it's going to be a great experiance for her.
    She's only a phone call away!
    Vivienne x

  3. Sending a bunch of hugs your way, Jooles. Your sweet girl will have a wonderful time, we know. Hooray for skype! Love xxx

  4. My lovely girl goes next Monday so I feel your pain. Yesterday I found myself needing to look for pictures of her first day at school.

  5. Ah, Jooles - she'll have the time of her life - it's where people really come into their own. Vivienne is right - she's only a phone call away and she'll be back with her washing before you know it!
    Beautiful photo, by the way
    Emily x

  6. Ahh Jooles, I do sympathise! I dread mine going off to uni and I've got another 2 years yet!It must be very strange not having her at home, but she is sure to be having some great experiences. Hope she can pop back for a weekend and a hug from her Mum soon:)

  7. I remember that feeling. They are off on a new adventure and you are left at home with the 'will they be alright?' worries. But the key word there is home ... and it always will be home you know. Wherever they go they always come back, and with stories to tell ... I cherish that part now my lot are mostly flown :D And meantime, as Vivienne says, she's a phonecall away x

  8. It is the hardest thing for a parent. Each time we took ours it was terrible for about a week. Then we would re-adjust. She will home sooner than you think. ((((((HUGS)))))

  9. She will be back to visit soon I'm sure... it must be so hard as a parent to let go of them (didn't really think about what my parents went through when I left, but then I was the oldest and my brother and sister were still at home!) She will always return to you though (those Uni holidays are LONG!) and call it 'home'... take care xxx

  10. It's harder on us Parents then on the children I think. I am sending you Hugs xxx

  11. Hello my lovely.....sending you BIG hugs! Ben started Uni this week. I can send you Bertie if you like, He is being a little shit today.

    Lou xxx

  12. Ah, it is hard when they leave home for the first time...but you will adjust, and before you know it she'll be back! Going away to uni is such a wonderful experience, always remembered. Hope you can become immersed in something crafty, always a big help I find.
    Take care, Jooles.
    Helen x

  13. Aw, Jooles. Hugs to you, honey. I've been there, and it's a sad achy thing to let them grow up and away from us. Mothering is hard hard hard.


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