Friday, 2 September 2011

September sunshine ...

It has been the most glorious sunshiny day 
I wanted to share it with you

Have a beautiful weekend

back soon
j x



  1. Gorgeous skies, and sweet peas ... with so much sun hopefully yours will keep flowering for a good while yet

  2. Great perspective in these photos! Nothing like the September sun. It feels different from all the other months... somehow more clear and vibrant. Happy day to you!

  3. You too!
    What lovely flowers against that bright blue sky.
    So Pretty:)

  4. It was a beautiful day wasn't it? your photos are lovely. y house is naturally cool so it was a real shock how warm it was when I went out side! have a lovely weekend x

  5. Beautiful skies and flowers!
    We had a lovely day yesterday too but I'm afraid Saturday morning is slightly dull, however good weather is supposed to be on it's way!! Fingers crossed!
    Happy weekend Jooles. :)
    Vivienne c

  6. Gorgeous! We had a lovely day too, though I am feeling that summer is coming to an end and it is a lttle sad!

  7. Zinnias..........beautiful.

    Gorgeous pics, enjoy the weekend,

    Claire :}

  8. Pure JOY my sweet friend.

    I just wanted to tell you I had a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday! Your lovely bunting came...I am over the moon with delight. xoxoxo I promise to share it with my readers as soon as I find a moment to take a pretty image of it. You my dear are the BEST! A million thanks...and it came wrapped up so pretty...pure joy. oxoxo Hugs.

  9. I can feel the sunshine through your pictures, Jooles. They are all very pretty! Too bad we will have to miss all these wonderful flowers soon again for a couple of months.
    Have a lovely evening xx

  10. Wonderful pictures and blue skies!
    lovely to look at,juliexxx

  11. I love clear days like that, mainly because they make me feel 2 stone lighter. lol

  12. Such gorgeous pics.

    Got my bunting up in the dining room. YES!! Punches the air!



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