Friday, 16 September 2011

Not a pretty post!

Hello lovely readers
You may remember me mentioning in my last post 
that my home and sanctuary
is inside out and upside down 
that was no lie, would you like a peek?
can you bear it? 

There are tiny corners of my home that are orderly, pretty even
but on the whole chaos reigns 
I don't like it...not one little bit.

I find it amazing that every single room in the house
with exception of the two bathrooms is affected
but I have to grit my teeth, stay calm and focus
on the beauty, calm and order that will one day return


This was a couple of weeks ago
progress has been made
the doors are in the door holes
and their glass has been installed

This is my lovely new front door (above)
we moved here nearly two years ago now
and our old front door (below) was HORRID, manky and very drafty
the colour has now been agreed upon
after a drawn out battle between the two sexes that live here
I'll show you when it is painted...I am very excited

You may be thinking...
"Ah it's not so bad, what on earth is she moaning on about"
well to be honest I have been VERY selective in what I show you
my photos have been cropped...a lot!

 To make things worse
we also have collections of university paraphernalia
scattered around in every available space
ready for my sweet B to start next week
(Arrrghhhh next week?!?!?!?!)
I look at them and my heart sinks

 We will be having a decorating weekend
and hopefully, very soon, calm will be restored 
fingers crossed

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
what ever you may be up to

more soon
j x 



  1. Oh you poor thing! I know how intrusive it is having building work done. I hope it is soon overe so you can restore some serenity to your surroundings. Best of luck to your lovely daughter as she embarks on another stage if her life, and hugs to you!X

  2. Oh poor you, I can totally understand how you are feeling but it will be worth it in the end, hang in there!! I hope everything stays on track, I know how these things can get delayed and that is really not what you want! Just think of all the fun you can have making it pretty when all the building stuff is done :) Hope you have a lovely weekend spending time with your sweet B xx

  3. I can see it, I can see it!
    The light at the end of the tunnel!!!
    I know its frustrating now, but how much more rewarding and loved it will be when its finished:)
    Cant wait to see more pics.
    Best of luck to your dear one as she goes to college!!

  4. Poor you! I know how you feel! Never mind it will soon be finished and you will enjoy the renovations sooo much!
    Hope you get the painting done quickly! Have a good weekend and good luck to your sweet B.
    Helen x

  5. You have my complete sympathy, I hate decorating, even if you are only doing one room the whole house is disrupted!!
    Love the little hare in the last post. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. I'm sending hugs ... folk in the middle of decorating mayhem always feel better for a hug, and maybe a cup of tea, or some chocolate ;) And soon you will be reaping the rewards of all that effort ... think of that and smile :)

  7. There's only one thing for it Jooles - you'll just have to hide in your bedroom with your sewing machine and your computer until it's all over
    Good luck!
    Emily x

  8. Aw it just breaks your heart when all is chaos, BUT it will be gorgeous soon!
    And I can't wait to see the 'after' pics!
    Enjoy (?!) your week.

  9. Hope you get sorted out soon - it's always very stressful being so topsy-turvy!

    Pomona x

  10. I've totally been there.... hideous. Take a deep breath -- you will get there in the end! And think how beautiful it will all be in the end! Loving your little blog btw, now following along!

  11. Jooles my lovely it really isn't bad what you have there. I know your not showing everything and cropping stuff out but believe me it still isn't bad.
    I live on a building site.....holes in walls,no plaster,brickwork showing,studd work on show as well as insulation and so on....but as everyone keeps saying It will be worth it in the end. Have heart yours will soon be done :) Mine will take another 3 Years!!!

  12. You have all my sympathy! My dearest, French husband always says; 'you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs'.

    Mess can be constructive. Keep remembering that.

    Warmest wishes,



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