Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lake District magic

I thought today I would show you some of my
holiday pix

It was a long trek to the lake district
(I now have a very unhappy back to prove it!)
the sky was really dramatic last Tuesday evening
we lost count of how many rainbows we saw
they never loose their magic, do they?

Always Always Magic

I adore this part of the world
I wish I lived there
I would NEVER tire of the beauty

This beautiful waterfall was SO loud

This is my sweet B
It was so lovely to spend time together as a family
before she goes off to uni
It really feels like every day is extra precious at the moment

While we were there we visited Levens hall and gardens
this place is beautiful
even my lovely G enjoyed the garden
(although he was ushering us around the house as quickly as possible to get to the cafe)

We found this little guy waiting in the center of a willow maze
cute huh?

Did you do a double take?
well so did I
I was standing there deciding where to point my camera
very spoilt for choice
when this old car just drove past
it was bizarre that, at that very moment
along comes Mr Toad

Toadstool photo taken by my sweet B

It is 'kind of' nice to be home
although I was secretly hoping that the fairies 
would have visited whilst we were away
Sadly they didn't.
Our home is rather upside down and inside out
we have had lots of building work going on round here lately

more on that next time!

In the meantime...

.... I have found my dream home
what do you think??

(hey Angi...what do you think?...suitable??)

Better get back to the sewing machine
that house may cost lots of bunting!

to all of my new folllowers
its great to have you here

Back soon
j x


  1. The Lake District does look magical; the hare, the magic mushroom, Mr Toad, and the Alice in Wonderland feel of Levens Hall.


  2. Wonderful photos- looks like you had a lovely time. I love the hare! The Lake District is a bit more accessible from here- only a couple of hours away, but we only ever seem to be passing thro' on the way to Scotland and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. That house would be just perfect:)

  3. beautiful place, i have not been to Levens hall for years, i love the hare sculpture too.

  4. Isn't the topiary at Levens Hall amazing :D My mother-in-law lives nearby so we get to go often :)

  5. Beaut photos Jooles - the Lake District really is gorgeous, isn't it?
    Check out the use of icons on my latest post...thank you!
    Emily x

  6. I've only ever been to the Lake Distict once - the scenery was definitely stunning (even though the weather was rubbish I have to say!) I love the picture of the mushroom, wow! Enjoy the last few days with your girlie, hope she has a fab time at Uni! x

  7. Lovely places, lovely photos! I adore the look on the face of the hare and all that topiary! Hope your back gets better soon, not much fun if it's grumbling again...

  8. Lovely photos, I can total hear where you are coming from on the scenery front, it is truly beautiful xxxx

  9. Jooles, your photographs are so BEAUTIFUL! I am a topiary fanatic (more in my writing and crafting than in my garden for the time being) and Levens Hall and Gardens seems like paradise on earth to me.

    Isn't it wonderful to have a place where your heart stays? You have good taste for the Lake District is truly wonderful.

    That toadstool and the rabbit are straight from Alice in Wonderland.

    A truly enjoyable post.

    Good luck with your beautiful daughter's send off to uni.


  10. HI, just found your blog and started following, and I love it!!
    what beautiful photos!!!

  11. That is the most perfect toadstool. I mean, I know they exist, but I've never, ever seen a real one. xx

  12. This surely must be heaven ?
    I adore that house by the lake !!! wasn't that the one we chose on your last visit to be our retirement home ? ha ha may be hard with a zimmer frame on those hills.beautiful photos absolutely perfect xxx


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