Monday, 5 September 2011


It is so lovely to have you here
and thank you from the bottom of my heart 
for all of your wonderful comments
I truly love to read them
 and they make my day
each and every one

Now, down to a little business...
...I have been a busy bee pumpkin
my shop has been stocked up 
with spooky goodies

And for gruesome cakes
just add one of these...

Have a lovely week
back soon 
j x


  1. Yours is the second pumpkin post I've read this morning Jooles!
    That's ok though because I love pumpkins. :)
    What fun bunting, I love all that lovely bright orange!
    Vivienne x

  2. You are a genius, lady - LOVE IT!
    Emily x

  3. The bunting is lovely, so wonderful and fun looking!

  4. Lovely bunting and, as always, clearly so beautifully made.

  5. Oh dear, has the summer really gone? It certainly feels like it today!

    Pomona x

  6. You have been busy! Lovely bunting- I especially love the spiders!!

  7. I love Halloween decorations and yours are splendid! I love them all, but especially the spooky cake bunting!
    Helen x

  8. Jooles, you made me jump.... with joy! Yes, I adore everything about pumpkins and your bunting is so beautifully crafted.

    Boo to you too!


  9. Yahooo for fall my friend...your creations are the best...I need to bake something so I can take a photo of your sweet bunting to put on my blog...soon my friend I PROMISE! xoxoxo

  10. I love all your designs! I've just been having a lovely browse around your blog and it's gorgeous - you sew so beautifully.

    I've signed up to follow you!


  11. Absolutely love your bunting!!

  12. Hello Jooles

    I clicked on the link at Koralee's blog and am so glad to have found you. Your bunting is so sweet.

    So I have immediately signed-up as your newest follower.


  13. Jooles, dear, your work is wonderful!! I come from Brazil to visit you and say you have talented hands!!!
    Have you all a lovely weekend!
    Beijos, Bela

  14. I love all of your pretty things! Koralee sent me over here to see what fun you are having! ♥ Happy Fall! ♥

  15. Hugs to you sweet friend...your bunting is up on my is adorable. xoxoxo Thank you once again. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  16. Hi Jooles, I feel a bit ashamed, I did not know you were the owner of an Etsy shop, this very GORGEOUS Etsy shop! Your cake bunting is adorable, such clever idea. Could you please email me at
    Thank you and have a lovely Sunday xxx


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