Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today I have mostly been ......


It is my turn to make the tea for my husbands cricket team this weekend
That means, amongst other things, SIX cakes to bake
so whilst outside it was piddling with rain
with a dash of thunder and lightening thrown in for good measure
I grabbed my pinny and set to it!
I have made a good start with ...

Milk chocolate cake (Mary Berry)

Cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies (Nigella)

and a spicy ginger ring
(no photo of this yet as it is cooling, ready to be iced) 

Smells good around here!

Tomorrow i will make ...
banana bread (Nigella)
Cup cakes (still to decide and will depend on what is left in the pantry!) 
and then finally on the morning I will rustle up some scones 
to have with jam and clotted cream
(x we are keeping everything crossed for some fine weekend weather x)

I have been working really hard at stocking up my Etsy shop recently
I have even got some Christmas items in there
I even shocked myself with that.
(sorry to mention that word, although did you notice that I whispered it?!)

We will forget the 'C' word for now
I will show you my NEW cake buntings instead

You can even choose which label you'd like

I love making these little buntings and there are so many ideas in my head

This is a custom one I made recently for a lovely lady
she wanted specific colours for a wedding cake

I wanted to come up with a design that was going to look adorable
and it was important to me that it would be good value for money too

I have also have an option to add a name label to it
I think this makes it extra special

I have so many ideas in my head
look out for some Halloween and Christmas ones soon!

Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by 
I   your comments
they REALLY make my day

more soon 
j x

P.S Thank you for your sweet comments about my lovely G and his new job ... He is LOVING it and even had a little drive of an indoor crane yesterday!
He can't believe his luck


  1. The cake buntings are so cute. The baked goodies look so yummy, wish I wasn't gluten-free. Hope the weather holds out for you.

  2. I am so happy to read that you offer home made cakes for your Hubby's Cricket team. When it was my turn for our Team I made some and everyone was totally and utterly surprised!!!??? Apparently the other wife's and girlfriends don't hold with home baked cake!!!!

  3. Your cake buntings are just the sweetest things, I love all the different colours and varities you do, they make a cake so special... combined with all your yummy baking, you are making me want to get my pinny on too! Have a great weekend xxx

  4. Gorgeous bakes and buntings today! Your baking looks sooo tempting and delicious, and I do so love the pretty little buntings you create. I'm quite happy for you to mention the word Christmas, as I'm designing for it virtually all year round so am quite blase about holly and baubles in June etc! and you do have to get your Christmas stock ready in plenty of time so we can all buy it!!
    Hope the weather holds out for your weekend!
    Helen x

  5. I really love your cake buntings Jooles, they're so lovely and the idea of adding names makes them very special.
    The baking looks delicious, I wish I was on the cricket team (not that I'd be much use to them)!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous; your stuff is amazing. Brilliant that you have an excuse to bake for the weekend too - wish I was able to provide (and attend!) a cricket tea every now and then.

    It makes me laugh that people keep talking about "the C word"... have never heard that expression before now and this lady at a vintage fair the other day, said "i'm sorry to have to mention the C word to you but..." and I wondered what she was going to say - I think I must have looked quite shocked!!

    Nicki xx

  7. Ooooh yummy-licious! Your post is makingmy mouth water. You've certainly got your baking mo-jo on!! I'd love a slice of each please :) I bet they all go down a treat!!

    Jo x x

  8. These teeny tiny cake bunting are so fun!

  9. You have been busy!The cake buntings and labels are adorable.
    I wish I played cricket-all your home baked goodies would mwke it well worth the effort!!!!

  10. Those lucky, lucky cricketers! Take care though - you'll find your turn comes round more and more frequently with a menu like that! All the cake buntings look great - such a lovely idea!

  11. Oh Jooles what utterly lovely cake buntings you've created! Your range of ideas are fantastic, as are the fonts and names - such a special addition to any cake! I have a feeling I'll be expanding my bunting collection with upcoming birthdays...

  12. Gosh that tea would make it worth playing cricket - rain or shine!

    i love your cake bunting & think that your labels make it extra special. Am looking forward to your Halloween & Christmas (say it loud!) ones.

  13. Cake bunting is just the best idea ever! Big question, do you supply a free cake to go with the bunting when you post it?! xx

  14. Scrumptious looking cake with all those white chocolate drops!

    And good luck to both your young ones in the next stage of their growing up.

  15. Im in love : ) Your blog and creations really are Sew Sweet, Fab name too he he
    I absolutely love your cake buntings, and your baking looks delicious too
    emma x

  16. Goodness, every time I see that first photo of the white chocolate drops in the chocolate cake mix my heart melts!

    I just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway and I would love you to have a chance to win if the gifts are of interest to you.

    Many thanks and well done with that beautiful bunting!


  17. I am sooooo excited about the christening cake bunting. i'm going to make the cake graduated blue sponge. Any tips for me? You did a splendid job of your rainbow cake.

    I'll order through your shop, you just say when...



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