Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mixed feelings

Yesterday was mine and my lovely P's 20th wedding anniversary
in my mind I had played this day over and over
you see, it was also supposed to be the day our sweet B
and her lovely boyfriend return home from their
month long trip to Costa Rica
It should have been the very BEST of all days
we had wonderful plans

During Monday night I had a couple of texts from her
the first -

"Hello :)

we are in Miami waiting for our flight. last part!
See you soon.
Love you.
Can you bring me an apple?

The next text was telling us that there was a delay
of at least 2 hours .....well as it now turns out, more like 2 DAYS!
due to engine trouble
(that freaks me out...breathe..)
It has been almost impossible to find out what is happening
 I won't bore you with all the details
We are now being told that they will land at Heathrow
tomorrow morning ... TWO WHOLE DAYS LATE
I only hope they do

They have been put up in a hotel
but have no money, no luggage and no phone charge
They must be exhausted
I am a nervous wreck
I just want my little girl back

Back to the happy bit
20 years of marriage
I can't quite believe it
Like most couples we've had our ups and downs
but mostly it has been wonderful
for 'doing' 20 years you get some china 
(there's a long wait for those diamonds!)

So last weekend we had a little trip to the Susie Watson shop in Alresford
* Oh the gorgeousness of it all *

These were my beautiful gifts from my lovely P

Pretty huh?

We had such a lovely morning
and found an AMAZING coffee shop there too

and take a look at these...

I have coveted David Austin roses for ever
never actually thought that I would receive any
(they are pricey, you know)

I've been told that I will have to wait another 20 years for the next bunch
as he needs to save up again!
Personally I think I deserve them

* Ahhh...the smell *
I keep keep finding myself in front of them 
drawn to them to gaze and sniff a while

I have tried to keep myself busy these last few days
happy in ways but with a heavy aching heart for my girly
I have been mostly last I can sit 
  I have been making goodies for my shop
it has been so neglected lately and I have missed it
I will do a shop update on here soon
I'd love to show you what I've been up to

* Some other exciting news *
You can now find Sew Sweet Violet at

'Catch My Party is the place to find incredible party ideas and inspiration, 
share party photos, and connect with people who love entertaining'

Well I really didn't mean for this post be quite so long
I seem to have a back log of posts in my brain needing to come out
to make space for other things

Now before I go ...
I want to say a BIG HELLO to all my lovely new followers
and to thank you all for taking the time to leave such sweet comments

Tomorrow is giveaway day
so be sure to pop back

more soon
j x

Edited on the 4th august:


  1. A very happy 20th anniversary to you both!
    Pretty china and gorgeous roses!
    Don't worry that girl of yours will be home with you safe and sound very soon. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your china is lovely and I can almost smell the roses-fabulous colour.
    I can really understand you aching to have your lovely daughter back. I hope the time passes quickly and she is soon safely back with you. I'm sure she will have lots of exciting tales of her trip. *hugs*

  3. Awww many congratulations on your anniversary! What fabulous gifts you were treated to! I love your green & white candles :)

    Hope your daughter returns home soon, safe & sound x

    Jo x

  4. Happy anniversary - how horrible for you having to wait 2 extra days to see your lovely girl. When they were young I thought there would come a time when I could stop worrying about them. Naive. If anything the worrying gets worse because they go out of your sight and you are no longer in control. That hello hug is going to be extra special x.

  5. Hi Jooles
    thanks for popping by the blog.
    Yes I had a good weekend, went to a country car boot and struck it lucky with one or two things, love it when that happens.


  6. Congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary! What absolutely beautiful Susie Watson gifts you have and exquisite roses!! I do hope your daughter arrives back very soon, I can just imagine how you feel.
    Helen x

  7. Happy Anniversary! The china and roses are SO pretty, love them. I hope your daughter arrives soon, hugs, Catherine x

  8. such a shame your daughter is delayed. I'm sure she'll be home safely soon.
    Happy Anniversary, and I love your gifts and roses. So beautiful.

  9. Happy belated Anniversary jooles. Shame your girl was still away. but you did get some lovely gifts....someone loves you very much *wink x

  10. Oh, so much in that post there - where do I begin?
    1) Your poor baby - I REALLY hope she's home safe soon.
    2) Happy anniversary (it was our tenth last week...)
    3) That china is GORGEOUS and I have a longing for it, in a big way!
    4) V excited about your giveaway, though have just won one (eeek!) so I think that's probably my luck all used up now
    How's the back doing?
    Emily x

  11. Roses have to be my favourite flowers- beautiful colours and gorgeous scent, too.
    Happy anniversary!

  12. sorry I missed your Anniversary !! WOW 20yrs ,time flies when your having fun :P . Hope b is safe and sound and back in her home very very soon xxxxxx

  13. Happy Anniversary - Love those roses, can almost smell them :-)

  14. Hello Jooles, thank you for your sweet comment on creJJtion! And what a pretty blog you have, I will go and check out your Etsy now.

    Have a happy weekend and happy belated anniversary to you and P!

    Love, Maaike

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary - you were treated well! So so glad you have your girl back, safe and sound. Funny how she wanted an apple - when I went to America (North) for a couple of weeks, that was the thing I missed the most. I couldn't wait to eat an apple when I got back home!! x


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