Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Butterflies and toads

Hello my lovely readers
I am just popping by quickly today
to show you a recent custom order that I have made
My brief was " pale green and pink with butterflies" 
It is for a new little baby girl

I adore making custom buntings
If you are interested you can find lots of information 

The toad bit now...

This little guy was disturbed by anual hedge cutting in our garden
poor thing didn't know what was going on
We haven't named him yet and are open to suggestions

My lovely Pete and I are off to Oxford this weekend
It is a treat for my birthday which was back in June
(this turning 40 lark is actually ok!)
I will be taking my camera and will catch up with you next week

Have fun

more soon 
j x


  1. Such a pretty butterfly! Have a fantastic weekend in Oxford.

    I'm a reluctant 42 year old ;-)

  2. The butterfly bunting is so sweet!
    I think Thomas would be a fine name for a toad. :)
    Have a lovely time in Oxford, it's a beautiful city!
    Vivienne x

  3. The bunting is so pretty! I love the colours and the butterfly. Have a wonderful weekend in Oxford.
    Helen x

  4. I love this bunting, the butterflies are so neat. Very impressive! I'm trying to get a free-hand foot for my Janome machine so that I can start practising!
    Thank you so so much for the cake bunting :-) It's so gorgeous and I hadn't forgotten about it when the postman rang the doorbell this morning so it was a lovely surprise! It'll look so lovely on Rose's birthday cake.. even though it is a little way away, in January..!
    Have a lovely time in Oxford.

    Ashley xxx

  5. Beautiful bunting, very special.
    Hope you have a wonderful time away- make sure you keep the 40th celebrations going for the whole year!!!!

  6. Really looking forward to the photos of Oxford !have fun xxx

    I have decided your toad is a lady toad.She is not as lumpy and bumpy as a boy toad and infact has a very beautifal face :) so possibly being related to the famous Mr Jeremy Fisher I think she should be called Miss Lily Fisher.She almost certainly has lost her way on some exciting adverture from pond to pond ! xxx

  7. ***** ooops sorry spelling malfunction ! "beautiful " :)

  8. Teddy the Toad? Cute stuff you're making!

  9. Love the little butterflies on the bunting. It must have taken a long time to make. We have a garden full of frogs, I found a baby one yesterday - so cute, although my youngest hates them. She is terrified! x

  10. Gorgeous Toad, so glad he was not injured.
    How about Thadius...,.

  11. Your bunting arrived the other day. I've had a funny few days with one of my boys being ill with tonsilitis and today the Aga men were here ripping my Aga to bits to repair and convert it. So, finally, here I am to say an enormous thank you. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the best bunting I have ever seen. Ever. It is so well made. I adore the puffy hearts on the tail ends. It's the little details that make it so WOW. The elongated zig zag stitching is beautiful. Just perfect.

    The cake bunting is divine. The prints on the flags, the velvet ribbon, the make a wish tag. It is perfect perfect perfect and I am so happy I won your giveaway.

    I'm going to blog about it soon but the light has been so dreary with the weather we are having that I'll either wait for a sunny day or borrow and link to your photo's? If you give me permission to do that. I will credit you the whole way.

    I hope you do well with your Etsy shop. You have so many gorgeous things in it.

    many blessings,


  12. I thought all toads were Mr! Beautiful bunting, too.

    Pomona x

  13. So many lovely comments x

    I am loving the toady names, thank you...I am swinging towards Miss Lily Fisher -girl power and all that!

    Cuckoo...I am so chuffed with your lovely comment it really meant the world to me. I have sent you an email

  14. What an adorable bunting that will creativity always inspires me my friend. xo

  15. Your bunting is sooo sweet - any baby girl would love it. Have a nice break - Oxford is a great place to go for a few days.

  16. Wow! Beautiful bunting! So glad I found your blog - lots of lovely things! Enjoy your weekend!

  17. Hi Jooles!
    Lovely bunting, its so pretty!
    Hope you have a great time in Oxford!
    Oh my heavens you wait til you get to the five oh one - now that one is scary!
    have fun and thanks for stopping by mine!
    Gill xx

  18. Your butterfly bunting is the sweetest. Soft colors, perfect to keep up year round!
    Love to you, have a happy Sunday xxxx


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