Friday, 1 July 2011

Reasons to be cheerful...


* Number one *

A posie of flowers from the garden

just adore the colours

they warm my heart

* number two *

A little treat for myself from the Cath Kidston sale, containing socks on my needles!

* number three *

The most beautiful self-seeded poppy

Well I can't pretend that life is hunky-dory at the moment
but my back is a little better
It seems it may be a slipped disc
I have been having treatment and doing my gentle exercises  
wishing with all my heart that it will repair soon

Life seems to be throwing all sorts of major stresses our way
why does everything happen at once??

Anyhow it is the nearly the weekend
I am trying my very best to be positive

It will be especially lovely to spend time with my family this weekend
as my sweet B is off on a trip on Monday
a BIG trip
one whole month in the tropical rainforests of Cost Rica
carrying out conservation work
monitoring big cats and monkeys
and conducting turtle patrols along the beaches!
I know she will have the time of her life
see and do things that she will remember for ever 
meet wonderful new friends too

 I will miss her so much
...worry worry worry...
I may not sleep for four weeks!

The hardest thing about being a parent is letting them go
but that is the job we signed up for I guess

whatever you are up to this weekend

More soon 
j x

P.S  Thank you so much for all your sweet comments they mean so much and have cheered me up no end  x


  1. What an amazing opportunity for your lovely daughter- I'm sure she will have wonderful experiences. It will be hard for her poor Mum though *hugs*!
    Sorry things are difficult for you- life seems to sling everything at once! At times like that I think you have to step back from time to time and enjoy a simple moment.
    I hope your back continues to improve so you can enjoy your weekend.
    And your flowers are gorgeous

  2. Your posy is so vibrant - it would cheer anyone up! Those socks look seriously lovley. I do hope your back improves soon - and take any medication they offer you! Bon voyage to B - sounds like the most fantastic experience (but, gulp, I feel for you!)

  3. Love all your reasons to be cheerful!
    Your daughter's trip sounds wonderful but I know how hard it is to let go.
    Hope the back heals soon.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Vivienne x

  4. What lovely bright photo's to end the week. What an experience for your daughter though. I was sad when my son went away for 2 nights this week and thought it was bad enough! Hope your back improves soon.

  5. Glad you are looking on the positive side, the flowers are gorgeous and that CK bag is so very lovely (have just been on their website and it is half price!!! I definitely feel a purchase coming on!) Hope your daughter has an absolutely amazing time, what an oppertunity - hope it is not too hard for you to see her go though :( wishing you a great weekend together, hope your back feels a little better too xxx

  6. The Flowers are so lovely!!! And with what your going through at the moment you deserve a treat and CK bags are just lovely.
    As for your Daughter....what an opportunity and how lucky she is.

  7. What a beautiful posy, Jooles - hope your back gets much better very soon {{{hugs}}} Your daughter's trip sounds amazing, what a fabulous experience for her (and she'll be back before you know it, you'll see!) Erika Price Jewelry

  8. Ah, Jooles, I hope your back is feeling a little better. *sends healing thoughts* Your girl's trip to Costa Rica sounds just beautiful. I know, it's hard. And ooooh, socks! They will help you get through. Many hugs to you. :)

  9. Your Posies are just so lovely!
    I also love your wallpaper behind the flowers as well.
    Your socks are a cheery color in a cheery bag:)
    (I have socks on my needles right now too;)
    I do hope you feel better soon, I will keep you in my thoughts in prayers.
    Have a great weekend,Jooles!

  10. Such pretty flowers, I love the wallpaper too :)

  11. Lovely flowers, how satisfying to have grown them yourself!
    Will have my fingers crossed your baby girl has a wonderful time in Costa Rica (which is def on my list of places to visit). Hope tomorrow goes okay...
    Emily x

  12. Such pretty flowers,I love self seeded poppies they are such a gift!
    I am sure your daughter will have a fab time!

  13. What a pretty post, I love your flowers. I have the same rose print bag and I just love it so much - I got it as a Christmas present and never tire of its loveliness! What a great trip and experience for your daughter, but how hard it is to let them go off far away, you just have to pretend to be happy about it!! I hope your back gets better and that things settle down. Enjoy your lovely flowers and your beautiful pink knitting.
    Helen x

  14. Hi Jooles, sorry it's taken me a while to reply to your comment - yes, the flower is 'out there' - I found it on a blog called Heidebearscreative, but I did fiddle about with it slightly as I found it a little bit confusing. I think I just did a google search for them and looked on Ravelry too. I was thinking about doing a tutorial for them, they're so pleasing to make - completely addictive!
    Emily x

  15. I hope things have improved a bit? I wish I could have gone with B on the BIG TRIP! I don’t think you ever stop worrying, that's what us Mum's are good at.
    Gorgeous pictures!

    Lou xxx


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