Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pillowcase :: Ta-Dah!

All done!

Three reasons why I have REALLY enjoyed this little project

It made me feel close to my sweet B even though we are far apart
(she has a 'thing' for bumbles)

Embroidery can be done in the horizontal position!

It was quick and didn't take too much brain power
(I am worryingly low on that at the moment!)

I may make some more of these pillowcases
I think they would make very sweet gifts

By the way...
my lovely girl has emailed.....Hooorah!
she is safe, healthy and really having the time of her life
she told us that on their day off 
a few of them took a small boat over to an island where Jurassic Park was filmed
they saw a whale jump out of the water and a school of dolphins 
Pretty special I'd say

Hope you are all having a cheery week
more soon
j x


  1. Bee-utiful (excuse the pun)
    Glad B is having a wonderful time. I really hope you are healing- it must be such a pain not being fully active.

  2. Such a sweet little project, such a good idea for presents.. I shall have to get my thinking cap on! We make a lot of handmade presents in our family for christmas and I always seem to be rushing it all at the last minute.. I just need to get myself organised and just get on with it!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Such a pretty design and beautifully stitched...even when flat-ish on your back

  4. Ah, that's lovely Jooles - I'm sure she'll love it. Hand sewing is so therapeutic, sometimes it just hits the spot!
    Really hope you're back on your feet soon
    Emily x

  5. Your pillowcase is so sweet, such a cute little bee. :)
    It's great that you have heard from your daughter, sounds like she is having a wonderful time and making very special memories!
    Vivienne x

  6. Wonderful stitching and a lovely project to do. Glad you've heard from your daughter.

  7. Mr sweet bee looks just dandy and a fetching shade of yellow too.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  8. I love your sweet bee pillow case, it's beautifully embroidered. What a lovely project, and what a special gift it makes. I'm so glad your daughter has been in touch and is having a great time. Hope your back gets better very soon.
    Helen x

  9. Wow, I love it! It's such a simple but pretty design and looks so fresh! I have a question (excuse me if it's a thick one) but I fancy giving embroidery a go and there was a nice embroidery pattern in Mollie Makes an issue or two ago (for pillowcases). How do I get it onto the fabric so that I can embroider the outline? Dense I know but I have no idea... Hope you can help...
    Nicki xx (PS hope your back is on the mend)


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