Monday, 18 July 2011

Happiness & Neglect

:: Happiness ::

Look what came in the post today...
...two crochet trimmed pillowcases  
(I seem to have a bit of a 'thing' for pillowcases at the moment)
Aren't they just beautiful?
They came from Esty
  a sweet shop called Rosehip owned by the lovely Beata
I have been eying up her pillowcases for a while now
and finally these are all mine
I can't wait to lay my sleepy head on them tonight
they look like they will induce sweet dreams
By the way Beata has a stunning blog
:: Neglect ::

(apologies if the above image shocked or repulsed)

Oh my poor poor neglected toes
I am sad and ashamed
those little pinkies need some attention
I lovingly painted them before our amazing holiday in Portugal 
they looked pretty for quite a while
but if you are a regular reader of my blog
you will know I have been laid up with a bad back for over four flipping weeks 
(sorry to whinge on!)
my tootsies have been looking more horrid every day of late
thanks to my amazing physio lady
I am now well on the mend
she has been my savior, so sweet and kind 
but, Oh My Goodness she doesn't mess about that's for sure
she has had me in positions that i thought were impossible
even with a good back!
cracking and clicking and pulling my silly body back to a straight line 
she is Incredible
thank you lovely L

(... back to the point ...) 

 I should soon be able to reach my poor neglected toes
and make them all pretty again
 * Hooray *

Happy Monday to you all

more soon
j x





  1. Lucky you, I love Rosehips pillow cases. :)
    Good luck with the toes!
    Vivienne x

  2. what a treat, those pillow cases look beautiful! i've been neglecting my feet too! even got my winter boots out for the walk to school this morning, rains looks set to stay for a while, so not too worried!

  3. Your poor back! Those physios can be brutal can't they?LOL. I'm glad you are on the mend, but take things slowly! Can you get someone else to lavish a bit of attention on your tootsies?
    Sleep sweetly tonight on your gorgeous pillowcases

  4. I'm loving the pillow cases! I hope those toes get some loving care very soon.... lol!

    Lou xxx

  5. Those Pillowcases are just lovely.
    Why don't you go and get a Pedicure? You deserve a treat if anyone does:)

  6. Ah thanks Silvia, sadly I can't sit for very long, it would have to be a super-sonic pedicure!

    thanks everyone for your lovely comments, i love to read them x

  7. Love the pillowcases, I'm sure you'll sleep soundly on them tonight! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  8. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Just had to replay the compliment and I'm glad I did!
    Such lovely sewing treats. I would love to learn to do this (will add to my longggggg list ot to do's)
    Hope your back gets better soon and those toes will be looking fresh and perky.

  9. Pillow envy- I think a good nights sleep would come as standard when laying apon this beauty. For the record my feet look more like a Hobbits, than a human- I need a serious pedicure.

  10. gorgeous pillow cases - I can see why you were lusting after them!
    Just to let you know that I've been having a 'mare with my latest post not publishing properly and I seem to have managed to delete your comment - sorry! It was entirely an accident and please feel free to leave another one if you can be bothered and don't if you can't!
    How are the toes looking?
    Emily x

  11. Ooooh what a nice treat, they are soo pretty!!!!
    Karen x

  12. I love Rosehip's pillowcases they are so pretty I might just have to pop over there myself. I hope your poor back gets better very soon and then you can paint your toenails whenever you wish. (The weather has turned so wet and chilly here this week that wellies are being worn and there's no need for toenail polish!) Hope you are having a good week.
    Helen x

  13. I'm going to start letting one of the girls paint my toes - they can only do better then me.

    Hope your back up and feeling better soon.

    Nina x

  14. Thanks so much for the sweet words Jooles!! I'm so happy you that the pillowcases arrived safely to you and that you like them... Great photos, lovely blog!

    Beata xxx

  15. I hope your back is on the mend now, I have a bad back too so you have all my sympathy xx


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