Wednesday, 20 July 2011


and lots of them!
over 200
I wish there was an easier way
maybe there is
is there??

This is my
I have, however, re-named it to the even more catchy

Medium sanity saving snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket

told you it was catchy!
It HAS literally kept me sane these last few weeks 
we have a bond, me and this blankie

P.S   *HELLO* to all of my lovely new readers and followers

P.P.S  My toes are still neglected...but i don't think it will be long now!

P.P.P.S  Only 13 days until my sweet B is home


More soon 
j x 



  1. I also love crochet.
    About those ends, I usually take the ends along with the next row as I go, don't know if you could have done that here. Saves all that sewing.
    Take a look at my blog, my last post is about crochet being good for you.

  2. Love the candy striped blanket! :)
    She'll soon be home, I've got my girl back again!
    Vivienne x

  3. Catchy name indeed! Geeeawjuss blanket - can we see it in all its end-free glory once it's completely finished?
    Emily x

  4. fab tip Briony...will give that a go next time, thank you

    Glad your girly is back safely Vivienne...I'm counting down.

    and Emily... OF COURSE!

    j x

  5. Lush colours.
    Such a pretty blankie.
    I agree, crochet keeps you sane. X

  6. Beautiful- I can see how you could become attached to it. And oh my- you'll be busy with those ends, but it will pass the time till your lovely girl gets home! My boy is going for a week at the weekend and I'm not relishing the thought especially after his little accident! i think my knitting needles will be going at full speed:)

  7. The colours are dreamy. I'm envious of your very beautifully made blanket but I shall happily let you keep the task of weaving in all those ends!

    Hello from a new reader ;-)

  8. LOVE your blanket you talented one!!!! xoxoxox Hugs

  9. Dear Jooles,
    How happy am I that I found your blog!?!
    Hope your back feels much better soon :0)

  10. What scrumptious colours! Promise you'll post more photos once you have the edge complete!

  11. It is looking fantastic Jooles, oh the colours are so pretty! Good luck with all those ends, once you get into it, sure you will get them done quickly! Hope your girlie is still having a fab time out there! xx

  12. I take the ends and crochet them in as I go. It saves sewing them all in. Anything that makes crocheting easier helps.


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