Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blankie :: Ta dah!

Hello Hello Hello
Well here it is ...at last
...Please let me introduce you to my...

Medium sanity saving snugly shoulder book reading wrap blanket

I am so so so pleased and a teeny bit proud of myself
this is my first crochet project
I had times when it seemed like I would be crocheting its stripes for eternity
but I persevered through the doldrums
 and came out the other side with deep happiness.
I always envied people who could crochet 
and now I am one

What do you think???
Here it is in it's rightful place

I had trouble getting up this morning
It is just far too cozy 

and it looks so pretty with my new pillow cases

 The edge is a little on the crinkly side
I followed Lucy's instructions from Attic 24
which are fantastic
although in my eagerness I didn't read the note about 
crocheting through the back loops only 
until I was on the third round
Oooops...that could be why 

I made it using stylecraft special DK
which was great to work with and fantastic value
Now that I have faith in my new crocheting self 
I have splashed out on super luscious yarn for my next crochet adventure 
more on that soon
(I am soooooo excited that I'm finding hard to keep it to myself)

I have been having a tinker with my blog today
you did notice, didn't you?
Well, I say tinker, when actually I just tried to change one little setting and it all went a little

!! crazy !!
  I then spent the next couple of hours
trying to get it back to how it was in the beginning 
but then got a little carried away
thank goodness my lovely G stepped in to stop me using my WHOLE day up! 
he is a whiz
 so calm and kind
"ah, that's alright mum, don't worry, I'll sort it out"
and he does
love that sweet boy of mine
(he got me this little heart too, must be careful not to over use!)

Anyway I had best go and make myself feel like I have achieved something useful today 
but my brain is now mush 
Oh well, I WILL be more focused tomorrow


Hope you are having a lovely week
more soon 

J x



  1. The blog looks so pretty (mine is so basic!) and I'm loving the hearts:)

    Well done, you crochet person you! I love your snuggly blanket and the edge is so pretty. It goes very well in your room, really beautiful. Give yourself a big pat on the back

  2. Well done - that's a snuggly wrap to be proud of! Looks lovely at the foot of your bed too. I'm feeling like a blog-tinker, but maybe not today - got my nose in a gripping book!

  3. Well done, the blanket is lovely, now you are literally hooked.
    Can't wait to see your next project.
    I am making the lovely stole from Lucy's blog, it's made with Debbie Bliss Andes yarn, bit expensive but its soooo lovely to work with.

    Know what you mean about tinkering with the blog, been there and learnt not to.

    You have a lovely helper on hand, mines not around anymore so better to leave things as they are I think.

  4. I love your blankie - such pretty colours and I love the stripes. Well done on completing your first crochet item too, it looks as if you've been crocheting for ages. Your blog does look pretty, and I know just what you mean about blogging eating up the time...like me now, when I should be writing something else or making dinner!
    Helen x

  5. Gorgeous blanket, well done!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to next.
    The blog looks so pretty. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Oh that looks lovely!!! It look beautiful its room :D you clever thing! I bet you enjoyed taking lots of pics of it!!!

    Jo x x

  7. Congratulations on finishing your first crochet project - it's just beautiful and I can understand why you found it hard to get up this morning! Stylecraft rules in this house - so cheap I can make blanket after blanket to my heart's content without worrying about the cost. Can't wait to see what your next project is. BTW, I daren't change my blog background in case it all explodes! xx

  8. The colours are beautiful - both crochet and blog.

    Happy holidays,

    Nina x

  9. I love how you used white in your granny stripe!!

    I just found your blog through CountryRose's giveaway post comments, and I love it!

    You are not in my google reader!

    Sam (NotYourGramsAfghan.blogspot.com)

  10. Love the Blanket. One of these days I will also get round to making some crochet edged pillows...just as soon as find the Time!!
    I am always tinkering with my Blogs and stuff....how else are we supposed to learn

  11. This blankie is so lush and cozy-looking!
    You'll never leave that bed, come winter-time!

  12. I can't believe that is your first project. Very impressive and gorgeous!!

  13. OMG what a terrible typo in my first post!

    You are **NOW** in my google reader, not not in it!


  14. thank you so much everyone, it is so lovely to get all this wonderful feedback, it inspires me to want to make more things x

    Sam thank you, i like being in your google reader!!

    and Silvia I wish i had of made those pretty pillow cases, i am not that clever, i got them from Rosehip on etsy but thanks
    j x

  15. I have just discovered your blog and am struck by so many similarities. I too have a daughter about to go to uni (fingers crossed re results), we seem to like the same sites and we love to crochet. Love your blanket and I am definitely going to work on my pillowcases...

  16. It's a beautiful blanket - I love it. I had to get my son to turn my blog into a three column one - it was quite beyond me!

    Pomona x

  17. Gorgeous! Your bed looks so pretty and inviting. Loving your new pillowcase.

    Nicki xx

  18. wow your crochet blanket is amazing !!! i hope you are going to be very kind to me and spend hours trying to teach this seriously non crochet lady how to make a fabulous snuggle blanket xxx

    It looks so beautiful in your room too ,my freakie knitted socks are hilarious compared xxx

  19. Jooles, that's gorgeous! Very cozy, and it looks just perfect with your lovely pillowcases. Mmm, just want to take a lil' nap now! Well done. :)

  20. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you created that gorgeous wrap with your first attempt at crochet! It's stunning, the colours are lovely.

    First time here, so no idea what your blog looked like before, but it does look lovely!

  21. Hello Jooles! Love your name and your blankie...wonderful colours. It's been a long time since I crocheted a blanket or anything come to think of it...maybe I need to start up again! I just came over from Brenda's Cozy Little House to say hello and ask you about your tablecloth. I've been looking at one on Ebay from the UK that looks similar to yours. It's oilcloth and has a blue/gray (from the ebay photo) background with pink or red roses and yellow flowers. I LOVE IT! Are your flowers red or pink or a mix of both? and is your background blue? You just can't tell with these silly monitors. Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say HELLO ...I'll be back! Have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  22. Hi, welcome to the Cozy Little House neighborhood! I'm so glad to meet you, and I am in love with your crocheted afghan. The colors are really perfect and it looks fabulous on your bed. I'm with you, if I had that to wrap up in, I'd never get up! Looking forward to seeing more of you on your blog!


  23. Hi there. I am hear by way of Brenda's Cozy Little House. Welcome. Love your sweet blog. You did good for your first project. I start them and never finish.
    I've had back problems and even surgery. It is not fun at all. Rest as much as you can.
    My daughter did a similar thing. She went off to Viet
    Nam wih a boyfriend. Oh, I was a wreck.

  24. I'm popping over from Brenda's Cozy Little House to say hello. Wow! for your first crochet project, you did a fabulous job. My cousin taught me to crochet 25 years ago and I am still such a novice. But the granny stripe is a wonderful pattern and so easy to work up. Good luck with your next project. Hope you are having a fabulous day. Tammy

  25. If that is your first crochet project you are very talented. Loved the sharp contrasts to the paler colours. Found you from A Cozy Little House.

  26. I love the colors and absolutely love your blankie! I have finally gotten back to crotchet and can't stop!

  27. Love the blanket, the colours are so pretty! Well done for completing a whole blanket!
    Being new to your blog i dont know how it looked before, but it is certainly very pretty now!
    Love the edging on the pillowcases - i have done that to some of mine and am so pleased i did.

  28. Hi Jooles, I also found you via Country Roses blog's comments! I'm supposed to be cleaning my kitchen but got side tracked with blog hopping! I LOVE your blankie.Such pretty colours! May you have lots of joy and happy snuggling with it!
    I've made two blankets inspired/copied from Lucy @ Attic24, and I'm now doing a granny squares blanket. But the have become firm favs with all my family from little 4yr old to home from uni. step-son, he now wants one as a hangover blanket!!!
    I LOVE your bedroom too! so pretty and restful. you have a lovely pretty blog too.

  29. oooooh I want to steal your blanket. And your bedroom. You'd never notice.


  30. Sorry about the lateness of my comment but I just wanted to tell you that I love your blanket. I love the colours, the stripes and the edging. Beautiful. I'm also embarking on my first crocheted blanket and it's taking ages and I'm not convinced about my colours anymore, but I just need to finish it so I can move on. Anyway your blanket is really lovely, well done!

    Helen xx


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