Monday, 20 June 2011

Mary Mary quite contrary... does your garden grow?

with sugar snap peas

and rainbow chard (splashed by the rain!)

and pretty carrots all in a row..
..row row
and pretty carrots all in a row

(I have now run out of rhyme..sorry)

little baby leeks

pak choi



asian salad leaves

raspberries (obviously!)



hope all is lush in your garden

more soon 
j x


  1. The recent rain has really helped everything along. Your garden is looking fabulous- all those lovely, healthy things to eat. Your carrots are way bigger than mine!

  2. That's a very impressive-looking veg patch you've got there, Jooles - it tastes so much better when it's home grown, doesn't it?
    Emily x

  3. Well done - I wish things looked as productive at my allotment! Lots of my rows have either failed to germinate or been gobbled by slugs perhaps - very disappointing. Enjoy the harvests!

  4. Wow your garden's looking great!! Mine is sadly looking a little neglected, the grass is getting higher and higher, really need the sun to shine for a couple of days so we can get it cut! xx

  5. Thanks everyone x
    don't worry Alix I have PLENTY that have been a disaster, my cabbages, for instance, are skeletons, and the pigeons are laughing at me!
    I have only shown the good bits ;O)
    j x

  6. Fabulous veggie plot! Our strawberries have been hit by the mice, so I've had to give them a miss. Thanks for the lovely comment at mine the other day xx

  7. What a fantastic looking garden you have!! A veggie patch to be proud of! Lots of hard work but really worth it. It is all going to taste so lovely too.
    Andrea x

  8. Well Mary, garden doesn't look anything like yours...I'll post a picture of my harvest to give you a good laugh for the day! Thankgoodness I live near a grocery store.
    Enjoy your summer - it looks like it's going to be bountiful.

  9. Oh lovely. That raspberry looks soooo good!

  10. Snap, Jooles, you and I have matching blogs!
    Everything looks lovely. :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Gosh - you have lots of lovely stuff coming up there.

    Nina x

  12. Oh wow! I'm a crap gardener so I am even more impressed than an ordinary person (who would be pretty impressed)...if you know what I'm trying to say!!!! It all looks amazing!


  13. What a lovely garden and I sooooo love your new look. Happy weekend. xoxoxo


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