Friday, 17 June 2011

It's been a cakey week...

 * Hello *

It has been a bit of a birthday bonanza here lately
Here is my week in cake...yes cake!

FRIDAY...Blueberry, lemon & almond cake

This was my birthday cake made for me by sweet B
It was absolutely amazing

MONDAY...Lime & coconut cake

This was my lovely Pete's cake of choice

TUESDAY... lemon drizzle cake

This was for my mum 
a little extra birthday surprise

She was so delighted

The roses are from the garden and they smell divine

THURSDAY... milk chocolate cake

This was for my lovely G to take to work
(well, work experience actually)
He has been at an engineering company for the last two weeks
It is run by a lovely friend of ours 
he had an amazing time and was quite sad to leave today
I made this cake to say "thank you" to all of the men
who have been really kind and helpful
lovely G came home with an empty box
he told me how they cut the cake into six, yes SIX pieces
and ate the lot in one go. Made me laugh

FRIDAY... ginger cake with lemon icing

This is for my father-in-law for father's day
but we are seeing him tomorrow
hope he likes it

and there we have it
I am well and truly caked out!

The garden is going bonkers at the moment
(must be all this rain!)
 last night I made a lemony chicken risotto 
towards the end of cooking added some sliced sugar snap peas straight from the garden
it tasted so fresh and summery and had a lovely crunch
for dessert we had strawberries and raspberries freshly picked
What a feast

My poor shop has been neglected 
while I have been making whoopee
(and cakes!)
I am hoping to get back into the swing of things next week
focus focus focus

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you may be

more soon 
j x

P.S Thank you so much for all of your lovely birthday wishes and kind words
also I just want to say that I love receiving your comments so much, they make my day
they really do
thank you 


  1. Oh yum! They all look super delicious!!

    Jo x

  2. I want your week, Jooles! What lovely cakes and so beautifully presented! The world would be a better place if EVERYONE had cakes like these everyday... :-) -cx

  3. angela (anne elliot) gurr18 June 2011 at 06:27

    hey Julie, i did the Jane Austin quiz on your page and i am Anne Elliot, very happy with this as Persuasion is my fav novel and i fancy the lead man in the dvd !!!:P.
    the week of cakes looks yummy beyond belief ,can i order a slice of each ? especailly liked the idea of the beautiful roses on top of your mums cake xxxx

  4. WOW! Jules lots of amazing cakery going on and your house!!!! Love seeing those they all look fab and yummy. Know what you mean about the Shop...mine is the same

  5. Wow that's a lot of cake! They all look great but especially the lemon drizzle for your mum, it's so sweet - i love the roses and the little bunting, it's so beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. Oh my! I wish I had been staying at your house this week- cake fest! LOL They all look scrummy. And after all that cake, the strawberries look perfect:)
    (ps- thank you for your lovely comments on my blog)

  7. Oh, love-love-loving all that cake. They are all so beautiful! I'd be hard pushed to pick a favourite from that lovely lot! Love your Loop loot too :)Laura x

  8. That's definitely my kind of week! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Ooh, my kind of post! I'll have a bit of each please...!

    I had planned a cupcake session for this weekend for my stepson's birthday but we ran out of gas at a crucial moment. Arggggh!

    I love those cake banners, they look brill.

    Nicki xx

  10. All your cakes look delicious!! Have a happy start to the new week, sweet J xxxx

  11. Oh my god, this looks like my perfect week!
    Emily x

  12. I LOVE CAKE! My Birthday is in July, so you have got plenty of time to make my cake.. ;)

    Lou xxx

  13. What a wonderful cake filled post! They all look delicious to me. The bunting and the roses for decoration are especially pretty, and I love anything with ginger or chocolate!! Lovely!
    Helen x


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