Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the bag ...

Before I show you my goody bag contents
I just have to say a BIG 


 to my lovely Pete for yesterday 



to my wonderful wonderful mum for today

(I like making these little multi coloured wishes...think I may be addicted!)

Well it is quite a birthday-a-thon here
with still more to come!
I need to keep my energy up, all these birthdays are jolly exhausting

Mid-morning energy boost!

In my last post I nattered on about my London trip 
and an exciting visit to Loop

I showed you my little shopping bag

Here is what it contained

Although this yarn is luscious I know it is nothing out of the ordinary 
but it is what I needed
I have an urge to knit socks
soft snugly pink socks to be precise
I have tried on circular needles
I have tried on four needles
but to no avail
I seem to have a sock blockage
anyhow a while ago I found a pattern booklet

and in it a pattern for socks made with two needles
Although I still want to learn the 'grown up' way to knit socks
(well I am 40 know you know :o)

but that is not all.....

I picked up this amazing book all about Julie Arkell
She made the cutesome bunny eared girl in the Loop advertisment
I adore her work and want to find out more about this lady

Guess who's in the shop window? (sorry about dodgy photo)

It is a wonderful little book 
makes me want to get the newspaper and glue out
maybe I will ...

more soon 
j x


  1. It is a Birthday Fest round your way!! Happy Birthday Everyone!
    Your sock wool looks lovely and soft- have fun knitting them. I love your new book. Just dont get the socks and the papier mache mixed up ;)

  2. Cor, it's birthdays-a-go-go in blogland! Love the mug (esp with the calorie-laden goodness balanced on the side!)
    I used that yarn for my stripy scarf, I love it - it feels a little bit wonderful when you wear it. Good luck with the socks...
    Emily x

  3. Oh that is yummy yarn!:)
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the paper and glue!!
    Vivienne x

  4. i would Love to have that sock pattern!!!.i am stll fighting with the four needles .first they were very thin needles and the sock was too tight to get over my feet and so phil ( yes he did it bless him ) bought me some thicker gauged needles and i think this one will turn out big enough to be a christmas stocking !!! OOOPS

  5. Ooo, I remember finding that book in the library when I was at university. I photocopied every single page to keep with me :) I know I should have bought it myself, but I was a poor student :(. Abolutely stunning work though, I might have to buy some PVA :) hehe.
    Lovely coloured balls of wool! You'll have to show us pictures of your snuggly socks :)


  6. Lovely post - sounds like you had a busy birthday week! Can't wait to see your 2 needle socks!!! Erika Price Jewelry

  7. I struggled with knitting in the round at first, but eventually got there. A little while back I put a very simple tutorial on my blog about it - aimed at slow people like me! I have wanted to go to Loop for ages - but never seem to get to that part of London.

    Pomona x

  8. Squeak! That shop looks divine, and the book has me all wanty. I can't wait to see how your socks go--I've never done them on two needles, and I'd love to see how it works.

  9. I'll gladly send you some sunshine if you'll take me to Loop for a little shopping :)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday,


  10. A belated Happy Birthday Pete! I can't believe you made me wait to see what was in the bag. ;0)
    gorgeous wool, i've never tried making socks...I would love to have ago. And as for the book, sooooooooooo not fair. :0( it is on my huge list.

    Lou xxx

  11. Lovely lovely post, The little book looks ADORABLE!!
    Have a sweet evening o xx oxx o

  12. Love the Post and the goodies you got. Aren't Julie Arkell creations just adorable!!???


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