Friday, 24 June 2011


Yes that's me , I'm afraid

Pretty photo to make my grumbly post more palatable!

You see I have hurt my back
a flare up of a previous injury
I have been laid up for over a week now
I can't sit for more than a minute or two
my patience and positivity are waning

On the plus side I have freed up about 80% on the sky+ box
I have enjoyed the Gilmore girls...they have kept me sane 
thank goodness for sweet family, lovely friends and blog land
I have also learnt the tricky art of laying down crochet

So much for focusing on my shop this week!

So if I am absent for a while please don't worry
I am still here
...grumbling away!

Please enjoy your weekend and hop, skip, jump and sit on mybehalf

more soon
j x


  1. Poor you! Hope you are feeling better soon and able to sit up and crochet. I get the feeling I am going to be aching tomorrow as I am painting kitchen cupboards - what's the betting I get a crick in my neck as a result?! Take care and try to enjoy the weekend from a funny angle!! xx

  2. Arrw no! :( I hope you feel better soon! I've heard that lots of tea and lots of cake works a treat :)
    Lying down crochet sounds very tricky! I hope you're able to sit up again soon. I'll do some skipping for you on the way home today :) x

  3. Oh Jooles- how frustrating (and painful)! Maybe time to watch all those movies that there isnt usually time to see.I also prescribe margaritas drunk thro a straw- at least then you are already lying down, so it wont matter if you get a bit squiffy!

  4. Oh no!! Hope you make a speedy recovery, must be so frustrating not to mention painful :( hope you will be up and about again soon and able to pick up the crochet - really feel for you! x

  5. Poor you - a bad back is such a debilitating thing to be living with no wonder you feel grumpy - it's allowed! I hope it gets better very soon, and in the meantime enjoy the change of routine and the lying down crochet!!
    Helen x

  6. Poor you! I hope you are being well looked after and that you make a speedy recovery. My husband is just recovering from spinal surgery, so I have a vague idea how horrible and frustrating it can be to be laid up with back pain. Take care!

  7. Aww poor you! Hope you feel better really soon.
    Vivienne x

  8. Oh so sorry to hear you are hurting, I hope you are feeling better soon. Here is some ♥ from me to you!

  9. Oh do get better soon!!! And take it easy with the crochet

  10. Oh - I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse then a poorly back.

    Have a restful weekend,

    Nina xxx

  11. I do hope you feel better soon x I love to lose myself in The Gilmore Girls too. Hugs, Catherine x

  12. Oh, poor you! I hope you feel a bit better soon - meanwhile try and enjoy the enforced bed-rest, sounds like the perfect excuse to spend all day crocheting, to me!
    Emily x

  13. Poor you - hope you get better soon x

  14. Fantastic veg growing in the last post... you poor thing, there is only one thing for it? Lots of rest and huge amounts of cake.

    Look after yourself and have a lovely weekend.

    Lou xxx

  15. Hope you feel better soon - lots of hot baths and massage maybe?

    Pomona x

  16. oh dear, i sympathise
    hope your poor back gets better soon

    hugs xxx


    loving your gorgeous blog :o)


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