Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bom dia ! ...

... that is "Good morning" in Portuguese

Well I am home from a fabulous family holiday 
and I am officially in love with Portugal 
it is just the most beautiful and fragrant country

We (that is me, my Pete, sweet B, lovely G and my mum)
stayed in a gorgeous apartment with a sea view in Luz 
(pronounced loos) 
it is on the south coast of the Algarve
We had so much fun doing all sorts of things together 
enjoying each others company
I feel blessed that we have each other

I hope you don't mind me sharing a few of my photos with you 

To be honest it is lucky that I have some, I had issues with my camera
probably because I let my bottle of water leak all over it
clever me
thankfully the sunshine eventually dried it!

"thank you sunshine "

Here are a few fruity photos for you
(Oooooh no no no! not that kind of fruity ;o) 

There are fig trees everywhere, they seem to grow like big vigorous weeds 
by the roadside and in fields
if only we were returning in a couple of months
what a figgy feast there would be!

Look at this peach tree
it was growing in someone's garden...lucky them

This is a WHOLE field full of orange trees 

A closer look
 (you may have to put your specs on to spot them though!)

And now for some floral ones...

 I can't tell you what any of these beauties are called, I'm afraid
but aren't they pretty?

I love love love going on holiday and finding exotic flowers
flowers that we couldn't ever grow here 

I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to crack on with life again
It may well have something to do with a steady flow of sangria all week
In contrast my poor washing machine had a tough day yesterday
I will go a little easier on her today!

Although I have had a wonderful holiday
it is lovely to be back
there is no place like home for sure

more soon
j x


  1. looks just lovely, makes me want to go abroad!

  2. your photos are lovely- thank you for sharing! The blue of the sky is amazing. Glad you had a good holiday:)

  3. Those photo's are gorgeous. Looks like you had a lovely time, I want to go there! Although doubt it will be ossible for a few years yet, I don't think it would be as relaxing with a 4 month old baby!

    Ashley xx

  4. figs growing wild. Oh heaven. Makes me want to visit Portugal!!

  5. HEAVEN, I wish I was there now. I'm glad you had a lovely time!

    Beautiful pictures XxXx

  6. Don’t think about it, you must go. I plan to go again, after I have saved up some more money. ;0) X

  7. Beeeeautiful! Can't get over the amazing clear blue of the sky; and those flowers are just gorge.
    Glad you had a lovely, sunny time!
    Emily x

  8. Gosh that does look lovely.

    I really need a holiday,

    Nina x

  9. Wow - what amazingly blue sky! Thankfully the water doesn't seem to have done any lasting damage to your camera, as the photos are fantastic! Erika Price Jewelry


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