Sunday, 12 June 2011

The BIG 4 Oh!

Well it was my BIG day on Friday
the day I turned 40
I was not really looking forward to this particular day
but as it happened it was wonderful

Blueberry, lemon & almond cake

My sweet B had told me to stay in bed
as she had "things" to do ... how exciting

When I came down she had made me a BEAUTFUL birthday cake
I think it is now my favourite cake of all time
so light and fresh
perfect for a birthday breakfast!

She even made me a cake bunting...
I was so touched
 it is usually me who makes cakes and buntings for other people

She had been outside, in her pj's and collected flowers 

how sweet is that??

My lovely Pete had even made me a banner

I really think he should start his own banner business
seems a shame to let such talent go to waste!
I joke but it was very thoughtful
and I loved it

He had put up balloons
I ignored the fact that they had numbers on them

I had delicious chocolates and fudge from lovely G
I had special cards with sweet words and wonderful gifts
including a beautiful beautiful bracelet from a very special friend
and flowers
lots of beautiful flowers

and this

Just look at this special little guy
I first fell in love with these fairies at 
Origin - a contemporary craft fair in London
this was a few years ago now

The lady who creates them is incredibly talented
I have three of her friends now
(maybe you'd like to see them another time?)

I had lots of gorgeous visitors
A loooong chat with my best friend in Australia
I felt like the queen must feel
Thank you to all my lovely family and friends
I treasure you all

Then yesterday, my lovely Pete took me to London to celebrate 
I had such a fab time
I think I tested his love for me BIG time
but he didn't moan
not once

First he drove me to a fabric shop that I had been desperate to visit for ages
from there we went to Islington to visit 

Gosh I felt like a child in a sweetie shop
my eyes couldn't take it all in

It was so exciting
Would you like to see what's in my bag?

Then we went on to Liberty for afternoon tea

We have consumed millions billions of calories over the last few days
but this huge eating fest is not over yet
Oh no...
it is my lovely Pete's birthday tomorrow  
and my mum's on Tuesday
so at least another two cakes to go yet
(oh well, I have had my holiday so no need to bare myself on the beach for several months!)

Liberty flower shop

I guess being 40 is not so bad after all

 Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too

more soon
j x 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Jooles!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    I visited Loop last autumn, it really is a brilliant shop, Yes please, I would like to see what is in your bag. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. A huge 'happy birthday' for Friday - it sounds like you had a brilliant day. Your girl's a very creative bean, that cake looks amazing and those flowers are gorgeous!
    Loop looks like my kind of shop, can't wait to see what you bought.
    Emily x
    PS - Mr N's 40 tomorrow - must be something in the air!

  3. wow, what lovely birthday celebrations! i'm hoping to pop up to loop when it's my birthday next month! it looks such a beautiful shop,

  4. A very happy Birthday to you! Looks like you have had a super weekend, very jealous of your trip to Loop and Liberty, not been in so long! What a lovely cake with that sweet little bunting too... Sometimes it's the small things that really make your day special, I'm sure the banner and those gorgeous flowers were all very much appreciated! Have a great week xxx

  5. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! It sounds like your family made it extra special for you, so thoughtful!! I love your fairy- I have seen them exhibited and I think they are wonderful.
    I loved my 40th and it isn't so bad- I feel like I have permission to just be myself now!!!!

  6. wow what a wonderful adventure xxxx i love the look of the "loop" shop .i hope they are online too so i can have a peek from over here.
    Happy birthday for pete xxxx so so so sorry i missed that one ooops. busy being a secret squirrel for yours !amazing cake ,well done b she has inherited your talents i see !!!

  7. Belated happy birthday Jooles - sounds like a perfect one full of flowers, family, fairies and of course lots of cake and yarn! Sorry it's taken me so long to pop by and visit - hope to visit more often now I've found you, J x

  8. Happy birthday J!

    I'm glad you went, I can't believe you have not shared what is in the bag yet....... I love the cake, banner and flowers, you lucky girl!
    Lou xxx

  9. Happy belated birthday Jooles. That'll be me next year though I think I will spend the whole day weeping.......unless I'm spoilt rotten!!

    Nina x

  10. beautiful pictures....really sweet blog

  11. Belated birthday wishes, I just 'found' you via Little cottage comforts and love your blog!

  12. Thank you so much for all the happy birthday wishes , they truly mean so much to me
    j x

  13. I am so glad that you had such a good day!

    Pomona x

  14. Happy belated Birthday wishes, I have just found your blog, and what a find!!! It is lovely.
    It looks like you had a brilliant day, in fact it sounds perfect.
    Have a good week,
    Andrea x

  15. Such JOY!!!! Happy Birthday to you...such a pretty the sweet banner. xoxo

  16. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an absolute ball. I hope my 40th later on this year will be just as much fun. x

  17. Happy Big four-oh to you! It looks like your day was just about perfect, and may I say that I am In Love with that fairy. Does that little sign really say, "bottom-warming garments for fairies"? Because that is honestly the awesome-est thing I ever saw. Yes please, I would like to see the rest of them! I'm glad your b-day was fantastic!


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