Sunday, 15 May 2011

Triangle loveliness

Before I get going, I just want to say a BIG thank you 
for your kind birthday wishes to my lovely G
He had a Fab birthday
and the computer is up and running (Phew!)

  My sewing machine is back from the repair shop
and I have been busy busy busy

 These custom orders are from a lovely friend of mine 

Hip Hip Hooray... part one (I had trouble fitting it in one photo!)

Hip Hip Hooray...part two!

along with this one

Sweet Home...part one 

Sweet Home...part two

She has had a busy weekend as her little girl has had a birthday
I asked her if she would 'road test' a cake bunting for me
 I am thinking about adding a new range of them to my shop
and of course being a bunting lover extraordinaire
she said YES
(in fact, she nearly hyper-ventilated with excitement and then she said yes, it was funny!)

 * * * AMAZING * * *

but it was not a patch on this beauty
just look at those colours

Hope you all had a fun weekend

more soon 
j x


  1. WOW! LOVE the bunting - both of them are really great, love the fabric of the Hip Hip Hooray one and I like the detail of the fabric on the Home Sweet Home bunting too! And that rainbow cake... wow wow wow!

  2. Hi Jooles, love your blog, found out about it from the British sellers on etsy team, I too am dabbling in selling my handmade items on Etsy but I mainly make stuff for friends and family, and have just this year started writing a blog. Love your shop your bunting selections are gorgeous, and I really like your family focused ethos - think the cake bunting is an excellent idea! hope it goes well for you!

    You can read my blog at

  3. thank you both so much, it is lovely to get some feedback.

    j x

  4. Where do I start? I love your bunting- the little house and hearts are just gorgeous. That cake is amazing! And i think cake bunting is a fantastic idea- it is often so difficult to think how to decorate a cake without spending ages on it and the bunting is so cheerful-love it:) (I guess you wouldn't want candles on the cake tho)

  5. Thank you for adding my cake photo! My daughter LOVED the cake bunting and the rainbow cake (huge appreciation for inspiring me!). I actually put 8 little candles on the cake, in front of the bunting, and it worked a treat. So totally UNIQUE, I can't wait to see what other cake buntings you

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! That cake is incredible - and I love the little bunting on it - what a great idea!
    Emily x

  7. I have always wanted to make that rainbow cake...I just have to remember it when birthday times come around.

    I love love that little bunting. Sooooo adorable. Well all your buntings are.

    Happy new week to you.

  8. Great bunting - all of them. I love the 'hip, hip and hooray!

    Nina x

  9. That cake is amazing! As is the bunting......

    a belated Happy Birthday G! Being dyslexic myself I know how hard it can be. :0)

    Lou xxxx

  10. Wonderful cake! I love it - and the bunting is great, too!

    Pomona x

  11. Oh wow! That cake is stunning! :)
    I love your "Sweet Home" bunting!

  12. I love the 'Home' bunting with the cute house on it -just adorable! x


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