Thursday, 19 May 2011

A pretty jar & the return of Percy Pecker

pretty jar

Well, "Hello" to you all
Thank you so very much for all of your kind get well wishes
my ear is feeling a whole lot better thanks to you guys x
(and some antibiotic drops)

I had planned that today's post was going to be about my crochet
my plan of unpicking turned out to be rather controversial !!!
 Anyway, I forgot to take a photo of it today
but I will get that sorted tomorrow 
I am very pleased though
I did listen, I promise
you'll see in my next post

I brought this pretty jar in a discount home store for £4.99
I thought that was a bargain
It is so chunky and substantial
I just couldn't  resist it

pretty jar put to good use

To be honest it is actually stuffed full now
(I have so much thread stashed away)
but it looked prettier half full for its 'photo shoot'!

The only thing that would make me happier than a jar full of thread
 is a jar full of chocolate
oooooohhhh just the thought.......mmmmmm...
 but since I am being 'good' at the mo
thread is a more sensible choice
(otherwise it would now be empty!)

Now, Percy Pecker...
Do you remember him?
He is our little garden robin
I wrote this post a while back
but at the time I had to use a photo from the internet 
as my little friend had gone off on a trip
Ooooh that little robin has been elusive
but here, at last, drum roll please.....
Mr    Percy    Pecker

Mr Percy Pecker

What do you think? Is he cute or what?!
We had the camera poised by the kitchen window when we knew he was around
my sweet B took this photo, she is far more patient than me
Boy that bird is fast!

Right I'm off to do some stripy crochet
more soon 
j x


  1. Stripy crochet is the way forward! Do you know how to get it so that you don't have the stripes going right side, wrong side, right side, wrong side etc? ie: do you know how to crochet backwards? Is it possible??
    Love the jar - I agree about the chocolate, or possibly those fizzy space ship sweeties? Mmmmmmm
    Emily x

  2. Backwards crochet...Hhmmmm
    I so wish I could help Emily but I have only recently learnt and have the teeeniest amount of crochet knowledge!
    If anyone else knows please help :o)
    mmmm...yes fizzy space ship sweets are good
    j x

  3. Lovely jar- you can see exactly what colour your thread is. Mine is in a red plastic box and it distorts the colours when you peer in! Percy is so cute- great photo:)

  4. My goodness, Mr. Parker looks like a calendar model or something--very lovely photo! Love your thread jar find, too. Thrifting is just so satisfying, isn't it? :)

  5. Aaahhhhhhh - I'm with you on a jar full of chocolate.....but I'm being way too good too.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  6. Did someone mention chocolate? But haberdashery has to be the next best thing!

    Pomona x

  7. @Emily and Jooles, I've not seen a difference of 'right side/wrong side' with granny stripes, but if you find there's some change in your texture with whatever pattern you're doing, with the back and forth of the stripes, just end each row and start the next row back at the beginning of the previous row, ya know what I mean? Just don't go to the end of the row, turn and go back the other way. Make sense?

  8. ChrissieA you are a genius x
    I thought you may know the answer, i will let emily know.
    j x

  9. Lovely pictures! I like your jar a lot, I have a jar filled with spools too, love it!
    Off to visit your Etsy shop. Have a happy weekend! x

  10. Thanks for that Chrissie and Jooles - that's brilliant. I'll give that a whirl and see how I get on - fingers crossed!
    Have a good weekend
    Emily x

  11. i can supply the choc !!!!!


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