Friday, 13 May 2011

My birthday boy

 ***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY *****

To my lovely G x

Seventeen today
where does the time go??
 This lovely boy has filled my life with so much happiness

I can remember when he was born just like it was yesterday
the immediate and over whelming love that just consumed me
So much love for this tiny little person it felt like my heart may burst
I feel blessed that he is mine

He came into this world seventeen years ago on a Friday 13th!!
There were a few dramas that morning
and he was nearly born in the car on the way to the hospital!


 Here we are again 
Friday 13th 2011 

 I am a very proud mum
School was tough for him
being dyslexic is tough for kids
but it has made him the kind hearted, thoughtful, generous, positive and wonderful young man that he is
(young man....gosh I guess he really is now..)

My goodness this boy of mine is a genius in so many ways
Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that he is perfect
...oh No No No, I would be worried if he was !

He has been saving hard and has asked for 'cash please' for his birthday

And this is what for
(not my usual photo I know, but I promised him that I would show you all !) 

He is going to build his own computer
 I have been told all about mother boards, hard drives and chip thing-a-me-jigs
I have been told about a lot, but the truth is, it went in one ear and out of the other! 

Cake of choice today was Nigella's 
chocolate raspberry pudding cake

Just FABULOUS for breakfast

Tea is an Indian take away (good boy, saves me cooking for once!)

I shall leave you with a suitable boy birthday joke for the weekend

Happy birthday my Lovely G
I love you TMD 
(truly madly deeply)

more soon
j x


  1. what a fab yummy cake george , your very lucky your mum is such a good cook !!!! and wow weeeeee building a computer from scratch ,thats incredible. Happy happy birthday george hope its "all good " as they like to say alot over here ,take it easy mate xxxx from andy boy too ;)

  2. happy birthday G! hope he had a great day x

  3. build his own computer? wow. I'm very impressed.

    ... and love that cake bunting!


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