Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bunting bonanza!

I thought you may like a little peek 
at some recent custom buntings I have made
first up is a pretty & dotty set of three

A pretty peony for a sweet little girl

 Happy Birthday bunting...


 reversible bunting, one side spots the other stripes
(I know it looks like the flags are alternated, but it is the way I have folded them!)

another Happy Birthday bunting, part one..

...and part two!

This one is made from gorgeous natural linen
each letter is a different pretty fabric

They are all off to their new homes
more to come next week!

more soon 
j x


  1. That linen backed one is 100% gorgeous

  2. I wish they were coming my way, I love them. You clever girl....

    Lou xxx

  3. Those are so pretty. We have a card birthday banner but now I'm thinking fabric bunting would be so much nicer.

  4. Lovely - you can never have too much bunting, that's what I say! I'm thinking of starting the Bunting Appreciation Society in fact....
    Thank you for visiting me - it's so lovely to meet new people (in a virtual sense)!
    Emily x

  5. Oooo, they are so gorgeous, I can't wait until I get mine! Cx


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