Friday, 8 April 2011

Treats all round

Ahhh...Friday at last!
this afternoon I finally got around to potting on my little tomato plants
it is just the most lovely day here
bright (and warm) sunshine and pure blue sky...bliss
Having a little wander around my garden 
I just HAD to capture these beautiful hyacinths
and the smell, well it is quite something, let me tell you
I wish I had 'scratch 'n' sniff on my blog!

 and look how beautiful this tree is, just smothered with blossom
we have been waiting for this moment with anticipation
isn't it just the best time of year?
everything fresh and bright 

I came across this little violet growing in a path
and it is pink, not the usual violet violet!
so pretty, in fact I think a friend of mine will be after a seedling or two
she is a fellow violet lover...hey lovely C?

After all that potting on and plant appreciation I was in need of a snack
Lychee lemonade and homemade fudge hit the spot
this is my all time fave fudge recipe, it's called Scottish tablet
It is a fab book and the fudge is (worryingly) moreish!

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that I have a special offer in my shop
as an April treat spend £25.00 or more (before postage costs)
and choose a paper bunting of your choice for FREE
 just purchase it as normal and I will refund the cost of the paper bunting
Must dash now, need to collect my lovely G from the bus stop

I hope you all have a sunny and happy weekend

more soon 
j x


  1. What a beautiful day you are having! The garden...the food...lychee lemonade? Recipe, please! And yes yes yes I'd love a violet seedling please! I'll swap you for a yellow squash...oh, and the girls love their bunnies! May I order some custom springtime bunting?

  2. thats a deal!
    lychee lemonade...
    monin lychee syrup + lemonade + ice = simples
    and Yes of course you may :o)

  3. the weather has been so lovely, a great way to start the Easter holidays!
    i have also been so tempted to get that Sarah Raven book, think i may just have to give in!
    have a great weekend,

  4. WOW! Your Garden looks amazing!! And the Lemonade sounds Yummy. Alas I am not allowed any just yet...Slimming World forbids


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