Monday, 25 April 2011

A room with a view

Well to be exact...A greenhouse with a view!

the view from my new green house.....oooooh eeeeeeek!

 I feel like such a lucky girl
I have been using one of those little plastic covered greenhouses
and to be honest it had worked well
I had just outgrown a big way!

I chat to my mum most days 
she knew all about my dreams of owning a 'grown up' greenhouse
and when she said that she would like to treat me to one 
I nearly hyper-ventilated!
Really? REALLY? Reeeeally?
you see, I have a special birthday this year
{Clue} it begins with a 4 and ends in a 0
(let's not talk about that though!)

far too many tomatoes

My Pete and lovely G worked so hard
with help too, from sweet B's boyfriend 
They laid a base in the sunshine
hot, sweaty, smelly and cement splattered
I think they secretly loved the macho-ness of it all

Then came the frame and finally the glass
 panicking and flapping and annoying (by the way that's me, so i'm told!)
I supplied tea, coffee, squash, water, chocolate, cake, advice, opinions, gloves,  sympathy....
They are my hero's
thank you x


It is now home to my little beloved seedlings
they have the best view 
it is my haven
a place to chill and potter
the first place I visit in the morning
ahhh... I love it

cherry blossom

It has been a lovely Easter weekend
had a little too much chocolate, perfect!
four family days all in row
lovely but glad they are all off to work and college tomorrow
and me back to the sewing machine
where there is a HUGE pile of pretty triangles waiting

beautiful wisteria

more soon 
j x


  1. Having a greenhouse makes all the difference - it has transformed our growing!

    Pomona x

  2. lucky you, i'm sure all you seedlings will be very happy in there too, kellyx

  3. What a lovely post- lucky you having a greenhouse and your view is gorgeous

  4. You are a lucky girl....there will be no stoping you now!
    What a lovely Mum you must have.

    I hope you have lots of fun in the greenhouse!

    Lou xxx

  5. lol, I'm having the same problem myself! ;) x

  6. wow ! your view ,greenhouse and garden look stunning in the beautiful spring sunshine only one thing missing (except me of course ) special garden bunting ????
    amazing photo 's too xxxxx a second career ? xxxxx

  7. Hi, I have just found your blog and love your pics and the things you make. I really like the oilcloth on your table and the bunting is divine. I am looking forward to reading more,


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