Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Percy Pecker

I would like you to meet my friend Percy Pecker the Robin

He lives in my garden, is very friendly and rather on the cheeky side

( I have to confess though, this is not a photo of Percy himself but one of his relatives, although Percy looks remarkably like him! Percy has gone away for a couple of days, maybe to Wormley, he didn't say. When he returns i will remove the relative photo above and replace it with one of Mr Pecker himself, fresh from his travels!) 

Edited : The original photo has now been replaced, this is the REAL Percy Pecker

The reason for introducing you to my friend the Robin
is to show you how he looks in my shop
as you can see he has a lovely snug scarf because it can be jolly nippy out there in my garden 

He is there, along with a few more of my garden friends
more on those another day

A few cheeky facts about Percy the robin and his relatives

Appearance : orange-red breast: white throat & forehead: olive-brown above

Nesting : female builds domed nest of grass, leaves & moss in a tree hole, bank or ledge

Eggs : 3-6 white eggs with red-brown spots, laid in March- June

Incubation : 13-14 days, looked after by female only

Feeding : the young are fed by both parents and leave after 12-14 days

Food : insects, larvae, fruit, seeds & earthworms.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday

more soon 
j x


  1. I love both versions of Percy:)

  2. Hiya Jules, lovely things in your shop.Am just going to become a follower! Will you follow my blog.! Blessings.Maisie.

  3. I'm exploring your wonderful blog, and found this a day or two after my little nephew learned to identify a robin. This was while we were searching for one of my sister's hens. Unfortunately, Sister later found traces of the erstwhile Spottie under the coop; there had been a breach in the pen security.

    At any rate, both Luc and his little sister Bella now know what a robin looks like -- but our New England robins are just a little different from yours. Their breast are completely red, practically down to their feet! They also have lovely pale blue green eggs, and we use the term "robin's egg blue" quite a lot here!

    I am enjoying your blog so much; my best to you from Cape Cod in Massachusetts,
    P.S. Oh, and Luc and Bella also now know the Red, Red Robin song(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lvpqPqvOvo)
    I taught them while the coop was repaired!


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