Sunday, 10 April 2011

My best friend

sweet Angi & me (a little tipsy on limoncello!)

This post is dedicated to my best friend in the whole world UNIVERSE
she is the sister that I always longed for but never had
my kindred spirit
my wonderful Angi

I have been wanting to write this post for a while
but was I worried it would be too 'gushy'
well it's gonna be, just can't be helped
Angi, get tissues now!

 We are separated by over 10,000 miles
by oceans and lands
but some how we sub-consciously know what the other is feeling
we are in touch a LOT
but it is still not enough
She is my angel - always there for me if I need her
and she knows that I am always here for her too

My sweet Angi and her lovely family, including my 'fairy' god-daughter
 emigrated to Australia in 2005
I can't begin to explain how heartbroken I was
it felt like I had given her a little piece of my heart to take with her
so that we would always be connected
I have not felt 'complete' since

 We first met when our eldest girlies (now nearly 19, oh my goodness where does the time go?)
were at pre-school
we never did enough of those 'best friend' things
we both had young families
but i know, deep down, that one day we will do all the things we missed out on
 together we will watch Miss potter, Chocolat
and I will even force myself to watch Hot fuzz with her
(even though I hate the gruesome bits!)
We will sip limoncello with ice, until we fall off the sofa!

after several more!

We are going to visit them next year for two whole glorious weeks
It could be embarrassing at the airport!
I have told her already that I may not let her go for the whole 14 days!
maybe my heart will feel complete again for a while

I love your beautiful face 
I love your BIG heart
I love our fondness for limoncello
I love your wierd 'thing' for graveyards
I love rolling down hills with you 
I love you for making me a 'fairy' god-mother

more soon
j x


  1. I can't breath ! my eyes are red my nose is running and tears streak my face.Thank you so much for my own beautiful blog page .I LOVE you too and miss you more than words can say .I would be lost and empty with out my bestie xxxx sob sob BUT I may never forgive you for the hideous photos :P .how come i am the crazy one and you are so calm ??? hurry up aug 2012 xxx

  2. maybe because you had a few more tipples of limoncello than me!!! I think you look wonderful

  3. Ahhhhh, that's so nice but then you are both nice people (now I'm being soppy!) Love you both. xxxx

  4. Hi Gill, nice to hear from you :o) you too x

  5. Aaawwwwww - gush all you like, that's what best mates are for....and getting tiddly on limoncillo.

    Nina x

  6. There is nothing wrong with a gushy post! It was a really lovely....

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my pictures! :0)

    Lou xxx

  7. how lovely - I got the sister (who (m?) I love dearly and therefore understand your loss that she is so far away. Also loving that you have chosen pictures where she looks loopy and you look composed!!
    what a wonderful post - I hope you get lots more lovely times together.
    fee x
    (one of my pals has moved to Australia and I'm always wishing we'd had more coffees while we had the chance...there's a lesson there somewhere!)


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