Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Busy bee


What do you think of this??
isn't it a BEAUTY?
I'ts a tulip that sweet B and I planted last autumn
(from Sarah Raven of course!) 
We planted around 300 different bulbs!

This is the second spring in our new house
the first we were so disappointed,  it had been a long winter
we were excited to see all the spring flowers pop up
but nothing popped at all
it was sad, very sad
we had to do something about it, so we set to work.
This spring is a delight, colour everywhere
more photo's next time.

I have been a busy bee today
my hands are tired but i've had a lovely afternoon
I have been cutting out bunting flags
hopefully i will have them completed and in my shop next week

Perfect for a tea party

This reminds me of caravans & camping

Liberty of London rosebud...my fave!

I absolutely adore Liberty of London fabric
(I have lots!)
it has such a beautiful feel to it
This bunting is going to be a birthday gift for my lovely niece
I hope she likes it.
I am making one for my shop too
I was planning on combining this fabric with another
but it is so gorgeous i didn't want to 'dilute' it!

no wonder my hands are tired!

120 pretty triangles

A nice glass of wine for me (maybe two!)

more soon 
j x


  1. One hundred and twenty triangles!!!!

    They do look lovely though.

    Nina x

  2. love those colours :) hard to choose a favorite !

  3. Beautiful colours...time for me to pull out my spring sewing. :)


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