Tuesday, 19 April 2011

bunny making afternoon

I didn't make this one!

I have been sitting in the garden this afternoon
it is just so warm and sunny here
although, dare it say it? we could do with just a little rain...sorry
(through the night would be perfect, I don't want to spoil anyone's day!)
otherwise I am going to have to get the watering can out, AGAIN
to water my poor vegetable seedlings
the garden is like dust

Anyway, back to the beginning, I have been sitting in the garden
finishing a little bunny egg cosy 
it is for our little niece, she is not even one yet
so a chocolate bunny is no good really
I thought this little bunny would be perfect

 I came across the pattern on  little cotton rabbits blog
Julie makes the most AMAZING knitted creations
and also has some delightful patterns
not to mention her inspirational blog
I am thrilled with the little bunny
she may not be quite as perfect as the ones Julie makes 
hers are just exquisite
but she is super cute just the same.

 Here is a sneak peak at a custom order I am working on at the mo
I will show you when it is finished, if you like?

more soon
j x


  1. i made a couple of those cute bunnies last year,they are such fun and you can make so many different colours !xxx

  2. cute bunny, i agree with the much needed rain but at night would be great, have just drained the water butt watering my mums vegi patch!

  3. I know exactly how you feel - I'm loving the sunny days, but a little bit of rain and only at night would be nice....for the garden.

    Nina x

  4. After all the watering I have done today, I little bit of rain at night would be lovely!

    I hope you have a lovely Easter.

    Lou xxx

  5. Me again, I love the bunny egg cosy! X


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