Saturday, 16 April 2011

Birthday wishes and bluebells

* * * HAPPY BIRTHDAY * * *

to my sweet B

19 today, gosh it wasn't long ago that we would have been
preparing for a party this afternoon
with lots of excited little girls
with glitter, party bags and dancing
this year she is going night clubbing with her friends!
how life changes in the blink of an eye

We have a tradition in our house of birthday cake for breakfast

Which we certainly adhered to!!
by the way I stole the idea for this cake from Sue, she has a fabulous blog
called the quince tree
Take a look, I think you may love it.

After the opening of presents
sweet B's wish was to go for a walk in the bluebell woods

It was breathtaking

A carpet of blue as far as the eye could see
I just adore this time of year

Happy birthday my love
may all your wishes come true
I love you up to the moon and back 1000000000 times

more soon
j x


  1. I stole the idea from somewhere else too :o)

    Your cake looks absolutely wonderful Jooles! Really good -I think lots of layers is definitely the way to go with these cakes and your choice of candles is perfect.

    Birthday cake for breakfast you say......mmm, an idea worth pinching.

  2. I LOVE the cake! Well done you! You have inspired me yet again, I think I'll be making this one for my little E next month! We did a bluebell walk for T's birthday today, too, what a perfect day for our birthday loved ones, eh? Try to stay calm and relaxed while B is out

  3. lots of love and birthday wishes being sent from the land down under to B hope she liked the pressie! love love love the cake sorry but i am pinching that idea now too xxxx
    promise only to make it over here :)

  4. Just gorgeous!! I love the cake and the bunting, what an amazing birthday treat :) xx


    We did the bluebell woods this weekend! :0)

    Lou xxx

  6. You made that cake?! Wow.

  7. Incredible!!!Never seen such a cake, a marvellous surprise of colors, like a fairy tale, a real fairy cake!!Bravo!!!


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