Friday, 15 April 2011

All the B's ... bulbs, baking & bunting

Happy's nearly the weekend.....Hoorah!

Yesterday I went out into the garden and took these photos
as promised in my last post

Sweet B and I planted some brown and very unexciting bulbs last autumn
It always astonishes me that from those dodgy looking things
astounding beauty emerges
Aren't they just so pretty?

Lovely G and I have been very busy
you see it is a special day in our home tomorrow
Sweet B turns 19 (NINETEEN! sorry to shout, I just can't believe it)
we have been birthday cake making
we have made the 'cake' bit and today we are assembly and icing
I promise to show you x

I have finished the Liberty bunting
I am so happy with it, the fabric is just so beautiful
just love these colours too
I think there will be many many more of these Liberty buntings to come
One is for my lovely niece, whose birthday it is on Sunday
and another for my etsy shop


I have had three custom bunting orders this week too
they get me very excited!
would you like to see them when they are finished? 

Well I had best get back to it!

I will pop back over the weekend with a birthday cake photo or two

more soon
j x

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