Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring bunting

pretty spring flower bunting

I finished this pretty spring flower bunting yesterday, I am so pleased with it
so vibrant and happy
I have been so inspired lately by all the beautiful fresh spring flowers
daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, primroses, crocuses .....
I just had to make some bunting
I will be listing this pretty in etsy shop today

  My mind is going bonkers with new ideas
forget-me-nots next

little forget-me-nots

after that roses and then... (slow down mind I can't keep up with you !)

It's a good job i've made some yummy cakes to keep me going

Pear and almond muffins

 Enjoy your Sunday
More soon
j x


  1. What a glorious day, and what colourful, cheery bunting you've made to go along with the arrival of spring! I can't wait to see the forget-me-not bunting, so fresh and lovely. Happy spring! cx

  2. what lovely bunting, we've got the 'spring' bunting up at pre-school, which i think you made? i think the forget-me-not bunting so going to be very sweet, lovely colours!

  3. Gorgeous bunting- really cheerful. It is so nice to have ideas buzzing away in your head and then to see them take shape


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