Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hello, thanks for stopping by
It is a truly GLORIOUS day here today, I hope it is where you are too
yesterday was the same, beautiful sunshine and blue skies
I was itching to get out into the garden
I had something special to do you see
this 'something special' came in the post on Tuesday
it has promised me great things
I carefully unwrapped it and gave it a long drink after its journey
before settling it in its new home
and here it is...

I know what you're thinking (same as me) that doesn't look 'special' at all
but this is its promise to me, come the summer...

Oh my goodness, I just can't wait!

 I ordered it from here, I am one of Sarah Raven's biggest fans, just love her style
It is called Ferdinand Pritchard, and a lovelier rose i have never seen
in fact it has inspired a new bunting
more on that soon

hope it's sunny where you are


  1. Beautiful day here too! Looking forward to seeing how your rose grows:)

  2. hello - hope your new rose settles happily into it's new home x


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