Friday, 23 January 2015

Bedside Posy :: December

..... better late than never!

I bought these cute little candles when we got our Christmas tree
I just knew they'd come in handy
and they did!
How cosy it was to be reading by candle light
bed~time reading has never been so snug and enjoyable
I miss this posy
(can I really call this a posy? ..... I think I can just about get away with it!)

Not very floral for once but VERY festive

 ~ Three things ~

deep green ivy leaves

all from the garden

You can find my previous bedside posies below

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post
I'm so lucky

Wishing you all a WONDROUS weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Teeny Tiny Bee Pouch For My Sanity .....

Hello my lovelies
I almost forgot to show you the teeny 'Supplies' pouch
that I made for my Sweet B this Christmas

The story goes like this .....
I always ALWAYS keep a lip balm and tiny hand cream in my dressing gown pocket
because I would be in a panic if those two things were not close by at ALL times
I am addicted to cream things.

Now ..... I would get myself all comfy~cosy
with my Knitting. Sewing. Crocheting. Cross~Stitch
 all sorted and laid out .....
and then
Always. ALWAYS. Every. EVERY single evening
with~out fail
and often more than once
would come .....
'Mum, can I use your hand cream please?'
'Do you have your lip balm?'
'Hand cream?'
In the end it was just a look that she gave!
(this cream thing addiction is in her genes.)

So I made her this.
A teeny little drawstring pouch
(of course with a bumble bee on!)
just big enough to fit her very own evening supplies in
and pop in her own dressing gown pocket
No more rootling around in my pockets
crafts being put aside ~ Loosing the needle. Tangling the thread. Loosing count .....
Ah Sweet Joy.

BTW ..... I wrote a tutorial, last year, on how to stitch on non~even weave fabrics
it's here if you fancy having a go.

Whilst I'm here I thought it'd be fun to make a mosaic of some of last years makes
just personal, for fun things
not my shop makes
it seemed in my mind that I didn't create much last year
with everything going on
but a wander back showed me otherwise

From top left to right .....

Thank you for popping by

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 19 January 2015

How Could I resist? .....

Hello my dear friends
Happy new week to you all

We actually have some sunshine here right now, at this very second
how blissful that is .....

Now ..... Please say 'Hello' to 


made for my dearest you~know~who of course!

Having had pears and bees on my mind for sometime now ..... this was inevitable!

I gave him some 'leaf~wings' so that he could buzz around merrily

 He makes me smile
and of course Sweet Bee like him a LOT.

 The pattern is by this clever lady and can be found in Mollie Makes issue 44
abd also in this book which is in french (!)
but I have ordered it anyway as I am in LOVE

I had such a heartwarming moment last week
which lifted me up to cloud nine
thank you dear Vanessa
you are an angel

 I'm still (mostly) maintaining my 'Balance'
It's working pretty well
so I'm sticking with it.

I have been loving loving loving your comments SO much
you are wonderful
thanks for popping by
..... and before I say 'Toodle~oo' for today
I'd love to say a BIG GINORMOUS
to all my new followers
It's so lovely to meet you

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pear Pals .....

..... can't stop thinking about pears .....

❤  x x x 

Pattern by this clever lady and found in Mollie Makes issue 44

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Balance .....

Hello my dear friends


Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?
I do hope so
and how is 2015 treating you so far?
I hope, kindly

Our Christmas was intentionally quiet this year
due to my health botherations
but it was really REALLY lovely and just what I needed
I was VERY lazy
Mr Sweet even did most of the cooking!
what a treat.
It did me GOOD

Did you notice the title?

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

That's my 'Buzz' word for this brand new year
and so far it's been pretty great.
I've been both busy and un~busy in equal measure

I've come to the conclusion that I'll (we'll) ALWAYS
have an ever~growing 'To Do' list
that is just life
instead of just  p l o u g h i n g  through
trying hopelessly to magically arrive at the end
 whilst always adding more
(and let's face it there is ALWAYS more to add!)
I'm going (to try my very best) to Balance things out
(that is something I've struggled with ..... it's in my genes you know.)

I made myself a list of January jobs
some BIG and DREADED ones.
Happily thanks to Balance it has all been ok
almost enjoyable (I know! ..... )
I've enjoyed that feeling of accomplishment and of course the Ticking.

So far in 2015 I have .....

Got up~to~date with my accounts :: My worst job EVER
so I made it the first one to be tackled
I had buried my head in the sand for over nine months
Ahhhh will I EVER learn?
(probs not.)

Made a pear

Pattern by this clever lady and found in Mollie Makes issue 44

Found the bottom of my ironing basket 

Started to watch Mr Selfridge from the beginning

* * * * * * *

FINALLY worked my way through a whole heap of mending and alterations

Knitted my very first (and not last) Shawl

Whispering pines shawl

Sorted and tidied my WHOLE bedroom :: Wardrobe, shoes, make~up ..... the LOT.

Been practising yoga and meditation

* * * * * * *

Re~oiled my kitchen worktops

Spent afternoons stitching teeny tiny Liberty hexies

Cleaned the house after Christmas was tidied away

Enjoyed a cosy dinner with my brother and sister~in~law
and have been loving my gift of lilies ever since

Some light and very cold gardening

Turning my cross stitch sampler into a wall hanging

So far I have LOVED January
with its candles & fairy lights & hot tea & cosy warm layers
In fact I have never loved a January more
I shall keep my buzz word close

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

I still have some jobs on my list
which means some relaxing time too

Of course I'm not working at the moment
I will have to try very hard with Balance when I am.

I can hardly bear to watch the news at the moment ..... so much sadness
SO heartbreaking.

Back Soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Monday, 22 December 2014

Woodland Sampler Cross Stitch ..... Ta~Dah!

Hello my friends
How are you all holding up?

Thankfully I'm going well with my list(s!)
'write a Ta~Dah! blog post'
was on my LIST for today
(amongst a billion other less exciting things)
so here I am 
I guess that's proof that a 'To do' list actually works!

Anyways .....

Do you remember way back in January
I set myself a 'cross stitch challenge'?
you can read all about here if you wish
the pattern is from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Well .....
I did it!
I actually made it and made it on time too! ..... I am beyond chuffed.

Firstly let me show you 

A cosy cottage surround by snow frosted pine trees
I changed the colour of the windows from blue to a golden glow colour
I needed it to look cosy and warm inside
all that snow makes me shiver!

I made a MASSIVE boo boo
Can you see?
what a ninky I am!
When I first stared this, way back up the top, on January
I started stitching too far down the fabric
as I got further on down I was having kittens
worried that I wouldn't fit the last two pictures on
I did have to make them one cross shorter but there they are
I stitched some linen onto the bottom edge
so that I could still put it in my embroidery hoop to keep the tension.

There is also a little bonus square
(so really ~ I've actually completed TWO this month!!!)

Sweet huh?

So here we go
the BIG Ta~Dah! moment .....

Ooooooh I LOVE it!

If I was forced to choose, I think July is my fave
How about you?

I LOVE it and am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with it
considering all that has been going on this year.
Even though ..... there is a mistake on EVERY SINGLE one!
can you believe it? So annoying.
arrrghhh ..... I did try to make one super perfect but NO.
It was not to be.

I'm thinking that I'll turn it into a quilted wall hanging
What do you think?
any ideas are very welcome.  Please :o)

I'm signing off now .....
I have a BIG bottle of Baileys
and some of my mum's amazing mince pies waiting patiently for me
Oh and my knitting ..... mustn't forget that!
Once I get to the BIG day ..... I shall be  r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g  BIG time!

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Christmas~time
filled with everything magical
may all your wishes come true

See you in 2015!

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas makings and doings .....

Thank you for all of your kind wishes
I'm actually feeling a little better again at the moment
I hope with all my heart that it lasts
(I think that's you guys sending all that healing love my way)
I've been trying hard to take good care of myself too

There is SO much to do though isn't there?
It's just Bonkers.
I wrote a list of EVERYTHING that needed doing before the BIG day
(it was LONG)
after I picked myself up off the floor
I wrote them on my daily planner
spreading them out as much as possible
to make it less of a marathon
and that's what I've been doing ..... just working through each day
steadily but surely
and I'm getting there
lots of ticks have been added to the list
I like ticks.

Today I've been in the kitchen
I've made ::
Nigella's brandy butter
Nigella's fully loaded potato skins
(both from her Christmas book)
and Delia's eighteenth century chestnut stuffing
(from her Christmas book too)
It's all been stashed away in the freezer

I've been trying hard to sneak a little me time in there too

Sweet B and I had a crafty play~date on Monday
but we can't take too much credit for these
shamelessly copied I'm afraid!
I saw these little houses on the inspiring junkaholique blog
I nearly fell off my chair in love with them.
I bought some fimo air dry clay and we got busy
LOVE them so much x

My dear friend Chrissie came to play one afternoon too
I'd booked a place on Sarah Moore's Wild Wreath making workshop
with Chrissie and some friends
but sadly I wasn't well enough to go
so Chrissie being Chrissie decided that I shouldn't miss out
she came to me with all the supplies and showed me how it was done
It was such fun!

I've wintered up my mug shelf ..... the pretty holly one at the top is a new addition!

We made our visit to Oxenford Christmas tree farm
to pick our tree

I REALLY wanted to bring that little reindeer home too
He. Is. SO. Adorable.

I love looking in from the outside, don't you?
it's one of my favourite pastimes

I'm REALLY looking forward to the time
when we can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours
We deserve it!

This is what I shall be doing

I've hung the 'Closed' signs on my shop doors
(a little sigh of relief)
and Purdey and I are ready for a good long rest
me more so than her it seems.

I hope to be back with a special post before the BIG day
but if I don't make it
I'd like to say a

  'Thank you'

to you all for visiting me here this past year
you are wonderful
and always light my days

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers
who allow me to do what I love
You are all my angels

Here's wishing you all
A beautiful, healthy, joyous and peaceful Christmas~time
filled with love

P.S.  Come and say hello to me on Instagram if you have an account
and if you don't have an account
Why not?
 ..... its a lot of fun over there!
I'm @thesweetviolet

P.P.S.  and if you do follow me on Instgram .....
sorry for using all those photos on this post ;o)

Back soon my friends
BIG love
x Jooles x