Thursday, 26 February 2015

Chit Chat .....




Gosh it's been a while hasn't it?
I've been trying to write this post for days
and days and days and days .....

I'm not sure where 'Balance' has gone
but It's obviously VERY far away!
(please come back ..... I miss you)

Life has been (& still is) on the tricky side here
stressful things that I don't want to chat about
I just want to bury my head in the sand to be honest!

On the up~side
my lovely boy is feeling much better after his tonsillectomy
boy that's a horrid opp.
We were not prepared.
We had a few scary moments
with panic ridden phone calls to the hospital
and sitting up with him nearly all of one night.
But that is all behind us now

and breathe .....

I feel SO weary
like I could crawl under the duvet and not wake up for a month.

I have had a little bit of exciting news though
I was asked to do a small interview for Inside Crochet magazine

It's in the current issue ~63
A little bit about me
about crochet
about friends
about my inspiration
about pears!

In other exciting news ..... I have a new mug!
Oh Yes Indeedy
the one with the ladybirds on
Ahhhh I love it!
and I don't even feel too naughty as this one is for charity
It's to raise funds for East Anglia's children's hospices.

It's almost time to springify my mug cubby
I had a teeny whiff of spring yesterday
~ Oh please hurry now, its time it's time ~

On that note .....
can you believe it's almost the end of February?
where has it gone???

Well I REALLY hope to be back very soon
(I have some super duper exciting pear related news to share)

 Happy weekend my lovelies 

BIG love
x Jooles x

Friday, 13 February 2015

A Storm In A Teacup .....

Hello my friends .....

I made this pretty thing back in January
I LOVE it and it's very useful
(it sits upon my sewing desk and is used almost daily)
it was a right old fiddle to make
so it shall remain an only child I think

It's been quite a week here
chock~full of stress and worry
my lovely boy went into hospital on Wednesday to have his tonsils out
he just hasn't been well since contracting a very bad bout of glandular fever
nearly 18 months ago now
poor old thing he is
I'm very hopeful that now those nasty and hugely manky tonsils are no longer there
he will start to feel much better soon.

He had a horrid time of it
having a bad reaction to the general anaesthetic
and being violently sick for most of the day
which is the very last thing you need when you've had throat surgery.

I've been making all of his favourite soft foods
but, of course, he wants to eat very little
I shall continue my quest to tempt him and will not be beaten!
He really is a brave and lovely lad, and a pretty good patient too
Gosh I feel SO tired.

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Posse Of Pears .....

These little guys kill me .....

I think this woolly pear family is complete ..... for now!

I've been sewing sewing sewing so far this week
it's been so cosy in my sewing room
whilst outside it's freezing cold with snow flurries.

Oh just to let you know .....
I've been having a bit of a 're~shuffle' in my shops
I've added more pretty things to my 40% off Etsy sale!

Do you like my new Liberty of London icon buttons?
(over there on the side bar)
I made them yesterday ..... I LOVE them SO much!
I had this idea in my head that Would. Not. Budge.
Going around and around it was ~ driving me bonkers
I just did it!
But BOY it was fiddle
I used photos of some of my favourite Liberty prints
I keep sneaking a look at them
I think they get prettier and prettier each time I look!

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Woodland Wall Hanging ..... Ta~Dah!

Hello my lovelies
Happy Sunday
Happy February!

I can't actually believe I'm saying this
but I'll miss January
(I've never EVER said that before)
it has been good. Really Good.
I've decluttered, cleaned, tidied & organised
I've stitched, crocheted & knitted
I've done yoga, meditation & pilates
I've cleaned up my diet
and it has done me SO much good
I feel I have found my
Fingers crossed for February

I thought I'd pop by today to share my finished
(FINISHED ..... Oh yeah!)
Woodland cross stitch sampler
now made into a quilted wall hanging

I had BIG problems getting good photos of it
not sure why
the weather has been very dingy, maybe that's it
I tried hanging it all around the house
the kitchen won in the end
but they're still not great photos I'm afraid.

I wasn't really sure what to make with the finished piece
a cushion wouldn't really have worked due to it's shape
but I wanted to display it so that I could see it every day
it's so joyful and has lots of love & memories stitched into it
I wanted it to be part of my everyday life
to make me smile

Do you remember me saying that I'd made a pretty BIG boo boo?
to rectify this pesky issue I added an extra strip of linen across the bottom
a bit of hand stitching later
and it has now become 'A feature'!
(well that's what I'm calling it anyway)

It doesn't usually hang on my dishwasher
although it does look pretty there!

This is it's real home
in my sewing room
where I can gaze upon it every day

To hang it up I simply added two small pockets on both top corners
to hold a length of Dowel
which sits happily on a nail in the wall
A tip I learned from my lovely friend Sarah

I'm not usually around these parts at the weekend
but I'm back to business tomorrow morning
I'll be flinging both of my shop doors wide open
and I'll be merrily dusting away the cobwebs
It'll be a busy week

My Etsy shop
My Not On The High Street shop

Wishing you a beautiful new week my friends

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Friday, 30 January 2015

The Teeny Tiniest Cutest Thing & My Bedside Posy :: January

Hello my friends

Here's my January bedside posy
it's SO pretty

Just two things 
and a hellebore bud

~ P R E T T Y ~

My first garden picked flowers of twenty fifteen
that fills me with excitement for the many many more that will be picked
through all the seasons

I'm almost jumping up and down in my chair here
excited to draw your attention to the little jug
it is the teensiest tiniest little jug
just 7cm tall
It was my Christmas gift from Sweet B
(she knows me too well!)
It's from Jane Hogben
look at the cute Percy Pecker!
Oh my days.
I LOVE it SO much

Hello snowdrops you've been missed

If you'd like to play along 
I'd  E  that
Please be sure to send me the link to your post though
that way we can enjoy each other posies

You can find my previous bedside posies below

I shall be throwing open the doors to my shops on Monday
I've had a good long break
I'm (tentatively) itching to get back to it
my head is a buzz with ideas
(let's see if I can keep my balance?! I'm going to try VERY hard)
I'll be cleaning my sewing room this afternoon in anticipation!

I have SO many things to share with you
It's been a very creative January
be ready for lots of posts!

I just had to sneak these two photos in
I love the waterlogue app.

BTW ..... you guys are so sweet
I've been loving  LOVING  LOVING your comments
Thank you

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pear Bear .....

Help ..... I can't stop with the pears!
make me stop.

It was pretty much unanimous ..... Bunny my Honey did need a friend
so here is

Pear Bear

and although Pear Bear is a little grumpy
he and Honey my Bunny are great friends already!

The pattern is by this clever lady and can be found in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in this book which is in french (!)

Thanks for popping by my friends

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oh Bunny My Honey .....

..... you do make me happy

(The pear addiction continues .....)

I tried a nose ..... it didn't work
for some reason it made her look very annoyed
so out it came!

Do you think she needs a friend?

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

The pattern is by this clever lady and can be found in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in this book which is in french (!)